Closing In On 5,000 Miles!

This evening, as I returned home from an afternoon of great shots, I began to add up my miles today and wrote down 55 miles into my mileage log book. I sat in my Jimmy and began to wonder, How many miles have I driven so far in 2013?
That answer made me smile, I have logged 1,794 miles this year! I will finish the year, I should, over 2,000 miles! After the new year, I will have a couple of Winter months left to finish m ‘Winter’ map and close out my picture book project!
Factor in that couple of months of treks and I will be very excited to se my final tally! However, as for right now, as I figure in some 2,500+ miles driven in 2012, I am sitting around the 5,000 mile mark since I began in February of that year!
Thinking of that, I looked up the distance of the United States from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast an found that to be 2,860 miles. That means I have crossed the U.S. once completely and have almost come all of the way back again!
I am awe-struck that all of those miles have not been on some large interstate, but rather every single, solitary mile has been logged inside of Lawrence County, Illinois! I am so very thankful for this project to have come along, for it has given me a very well-rounded view of this little piece of Earth that I call home!
With that great feeling out-of-the-way, I made my way into the Dust Bowl for the third time, and boy did the ‘dust’ follow me! I saw what was sure to be the final flowers of 2013. These sparse yellows and purples were almost swallowed by the dust and deteriorated to nothing, but out of respect for their beauty, I captured the remaining color before moving on.
This day was also an afternoon for canine exercises! Every home that I drove past that had a dog outside, greeted me with that dog (or dogs) racing me down the gravel roads at 15 m.p.h. before returning home. I often wonder, “Why do dogs do that?”
I look at my clock and midnight is reminding me that I have a ‘paycheck job’ at 7a.m., ugh! It pays the bills and thus I shall agree to hit the sack now. Thank you so very much for reading and I hope you will Live With Passion!!

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