Till Dark

As my daylight dwindles away, I find myself getting in some amazing shots a dusk! Even the returning dusk clouds that followed me again today, could not come between me, my camera, and a snapshot of time!
With another ten dollars in my tank and a fountain drink in my consul, I made my way out-of-town and on my way towards 38 miles in an hour and a half, and so great photographs!
Have I ever mentioned that I love going down roads on my map that are not used anymore? Well, it is so much fun to turn on my four-wheel-drive and cross roadways that are so much fun to splash water everywhere!
Being that I like clean vehicles, leaves me needing to wash my Jimmy, but seriously, I look at him and feel quite proud of his proof of travel, it reminds me of just how much I enjoy what I do!
I am almost crossed the 40% mark for my ‘Fall’ map and can not wait until the trees turn colors! They are on the verge right now!
I did see some ducks today that talked to me and explained all about their day! I always love getting in a shot of ducks! And with that, I must wish you a good night and a great hump day! As always, Live With Passion!!

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