3 Mile Island

You know one thing I have noticed this week is that I am developing nicknames for areas of Lawrence County, Illinois. I have nicknames like The Dust Bowl, No Mans Land, The Flood Lands, The Prairie to name a few. With this session I came across a very small wooden bridge with weight limit sign posted upon it with just the single number “3” on it. My very first thought was of calling it 3 Mile Island and that has stuck.
It was such a busy weekend but one I enjoyed so very much. The church that my sons and I attend had a three-part service over the weekend that took a portion of two evenings and one morning. I admit that after getting in some wonderful shots, I was tired but with a smile on my face. I made some wonderful memories and that is what I love the most about life!
I crossed 3 Mile Island for the next to last time. The fourth and final time I see this land of little, the temperature will be chilly and snow might even cover the ground! It is hard to believe that I will soon complete my warm treks and will be left with old man winter!
I am sad to say that all of the once colorful yellows and purples on the faces of happy flowers have now disappeared and given way to the very faintest of hints at a colorful Fall approaching. Although the leaves have yet to officially turn color, a leaf here and there were giving fair warning that just that very scene was on it way and quickly!
I could not have been more happy to have had rain on Saturday! It made for a beautiful day, cool and comfortable without any trace of dust that always seems to hang around like bad news. I generally do not mind the dust at times, however when, week after week, it hammers my Jimmy with a dirty reminder of my travels, I welcomed its absence on this trek!
I logged another 73 miles on this trek and can not believe that I have crossed this country and started back, all the while staying inside the confines of Lawrence County, Illinois! I am so excited to total up my mileage once I am finished with my project, it will truly be amazing to see!
So, as my eyes grow dim for the night, I want to wish you a wonderful Fall week and hope your Autumn in a beautiful one! I am so very grateful you take the time out of your life to stop by for a read! I urge you to Live With Passion!!

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