SPYDERIA: Coming Along

I have my mind boggled tonight! I am trying to complete my map of Spyderia but I continue to come in contact with road blocks! How can I press on with The Boondock Kids with my map to work from? How can I complete my map, when, I continuously change my ideas! I will just chalk that up to being a writer and leave it at that!

I have to complete my map though! When I was working on the Marky, Slash & Levy series, I was repeatedly returning to my map of Mavenwood to help me remember character placement. In fact, my map even helped me with character development at times! As I sit down with the idea of the next area I want to create, I flip my pencil over to the eraser and make yet another change!

I never thought it would be difficult to write and take photos at the same time. For others, it might be an easy task, I wish it was for me, as I am always up sorting photos and such. I look back to my map of Spyderia and feel good knowing that I will have a much better road map before me, once it is completed!

I am still trying to come up with a name for my evil queen, I am narrowing my list but that is a hard task when I like the names I have selected! You know, that’s the life of a struggling writer! Live With Passion!

107 Mile Trek!!!

I began this journey towards my picture book in the middle of Winter of 2012. I have been all over Lawrence County, Illinois since then! In Fact, I have covered the roadways of my home county not once, but twice, on my way to three times, come mid-December!
In that span of time, I have been out on over 100 different treks, getting my shots and logging my miles. Some treks have been rather long, (say 88 miles) and some have been very short, (16 miles) all in pursuit of completing my four volume picture book!
I often wondered, “Would I ever log a 100 mile session?” Well, today, I am happy to report that I did just that, plus adding 7 more miles, just for good measure! Today, I was out for six hours and logged 107 miles for my efforts! Gathering a score of great shots and finishing off a large section of my ‘Fall’ map!
I could not have asked for a more wonderful day! The sun was shining, the temperature was perfect, the ground was dry! The third aspect was most appreciated, given the fact that the very first road I made my way down had not been used in years and, when wet, can be a four-wheel-drives nightmare!
A weekend in the Fall would not be complete without farmers in their fields with the yearly harvest. Today I have seen more combines, semi-trucks and tractors than ever in the Spring. Who could blame them, mother nature was not going to give any more favorable weather than this day. With dust flying, the farmers made their way across the county!
Dust also flew behind my jimmy as I made my way up and down this road and that road! My tires are no longer the traditional black, but rather, resemble that of four chocolate glazed donuts, ready to be eaten.
On my map, I covered a section I like to call ‘The Maze’. The landscape is similar to that of ‘The Dust Bowl’, however, the roads in this particular section require me to do more back tracking than most other places. Instead of a simple grid-like roadmap, ‘The Maze’ is a dissection of x’s and y’s that make straight travel simply impossible! I have lost count just how many times I have had to turn around return to a previous road just to highlight one small section. But then again, to be true to my assignment, I must travel every road!
While on one road, I came across a Fox who was simply sitting in the middle, looking back and forth as if he were trying to decide where it was he wanted to go. I slowed down as I approached him, hoping to not startled his decision-making process. The fox turned his head, saw me, then slowly got to his feet and wandered into the empty corn field. It was clear that this Fox was very laid back and knew I ment no harm as he went on his simple way!
All in all, it was a blessed day for photos and great afternoon to reach 100+ miles!
I am also happy to report that ‘Truth & Tales’ is ranked #443,564 on Amazon.com! That is great for this compilation and I look to see it climb higher as time goes by! I will also be releasing Barney & Lexi: Lost in Lawrenceville onto the Kindle e-book very soon. Now, if I only had the money to send off Marky, Slash & Levy Bk1 to the editors, that would be amazing!
With that, I am off to do what most men must, SHAVE! I wish you a good night and a great week! Live With Passion!

Another 40

Friday’s are wonderful aren’t they? I mean, it is generally the end of the work for many and is also payday for most. I enjoy looking forward to having the weekend with my sons and shooting pictures. To add Fall into the mix is like a breath of fresh air!
I pack my photo gear into my Jimmy this morning before I headed to my ‘paycheck’ job, since I had no intent to stop at home and gather my gear later. I sometimes worry that my old camera will cease to function, being left in my Jimmy all day, however, it keeps on clicking!
Then, as 5 o’clock rolls around, I walk out the door of my ‘paycheck’ job, climb into my Jimmy and make my way for the Dust Bowl. The one benefit of after work treks is that the sun shines down differently towards the evening, creating wonderful shadows and splendid color during the Fall.
Tonight, I clearly noticed that many of the leaves were turning red, yellow and orange! In the Spring, I love to see the bare trees of Winter give way to leafy green, but yet, I am so happy to see all of the green give way to the colors of Fall! To me, it is like the turning of a page during the year.
Today I logged 40 more miles and a modest section of my ‘Fall’ map was highlighted! It was also a great night for local farmers, who were out in full force with their Fall harvest. The countryside was lined with semi-trucks with trailers full of corn and beans, while every other field seemed to have a combine, driving through the gathering. Although it was dusty yet again, it was a beautiful evening for some great shots and reflections!
As I call my day, I want to wish you a wonderful weekend and hope you Live With Passion!

Links & Long Nights

Truths & Tales w/ L.B. Fox

I am so excited to share the link to Truth & Tales on Amazon.com! It has been a very long road to seeing this compilation in hardback, but it is here and I would be honored to sign any copy that is purchased! I do hope that you enjoy reading the emotional journey I have taken to reach where I am now in my writing career!

I truly feel like a writer tonight. It is my second night with no food to eat, but hey that’s how it goes when you have utilities right? LOL. Although this is kind of tight spot right now, I continue to look towards the future and am more determined than ever to reach my goals in life. One of those goals is to support my three amazing sons as a Full-Time Author.

I want to invite you into my Facebook home and hope to hear from you there!! Just click on the image below and ‘Like’. See more photos and information not on 1 Imaginary Fox!
With my head up, I press on! I hope that you will Live With Passion! 😉

The Official Release

I am very excited to say that ‘Truths & Tales’, which contains my biography inside of its pages, has been officially released this week!
Beginning on Page 225, the outline of my struggle on the road to my writing career is explained. As I sat, reading my own story, I am reminded of just how much I have gain through personal trails. It is a permanent reminder of my never-ending desire to reach my dreams of becoming a published writer and that I will never stop until such a thing happens!
In ‘Truths & Tales’ I hope you will pick one up and be inspired to chase after your own dreams. Having lived my story, I will never look back! Grab your copy of ‘Truths & Tales’ at your local book store! I hope will Live With Passion!

The Corner of a County

Now, on most Sunday mornings, you can find me under the covers on my comfortable bed, with my youngest son, Rylen, playing his Mobie-Go, under the covers, right beside me. I would lay there listening to my other boys, Lynden and Ethan watching cartoons on television. This particular Sunday morning was just slightly different!
I awoke inside of a tent with the cool morning air all around me! Under a large pile of blankets, I was rather warm, as were two of my boys, Lynden & Ethan, sleeping soundly. I laid under the covers and listened to the birds gently chirping and cars going by, ever once in a while on the highway nearby.
This weekend, our Cub Scout pack hosted the Fall Field Day for our local district, and with tradition, it was followed by the overnight campout, consisting of a hay ride, kickball, flashlight tag, smore’s, hotdogs, pancakes and eggs! For the Fall Field Day I was the instructor for the Archery Range and was on my feet for close to ten hours before setting up camp at our 4H center.
It was the first time that Ethan had camped with Lynden and I. Boy, I was so happy to have him with us this year, he had such a great time! When all was said and done, the boys and I returned home for a two-hour visit with their grandma who was in town and for me, a hot shower which made things so much warmer!
When it came time for the boys to return to their mom’s, I sat out for 74 miles of photo shots and three hours of trying to keep myself awake, LOL. I found myself into the far northern corner of Lawrence County, Illinois. The corner of The Dust Bowl, is rather remote and isolated, but makes for some untouched photos of nature!
This corner of the county has the most concentrated area of black top roads that turn into gravel that exists anywhere else on my trek. Call me crazy, I find it interesting to see a road go from black top to gravel, something about giving way onto something else, makes one appreciate the luxury of black top greater!
I must admit that Fall has officially taken hold and will retain its firm grip on Lawrence County until December, I believe! With the trees beginning to turn colors and crops being harvested, this beautiful season has made itself known at last!
As I make my way across the county, I must keep my eyes set, solely, on completing my ‘Fall’ map by Christmas to move on to Winter. A goal, I believe fully, I can achieve! Until that time I will work hard and plug away at this assignment. Until then, I wish you a wonderful weekend and hope you LIve With Passion!

Closing In On 5,000 Miles!

This evening, as I returned home from an afternoon of great shots, I began to add up my miles today and wrote down 55 miles into my mileage log book. I sat in my Jimmy and began to wonder, How many miles have I driven so far in 2013?
That answer made me smile, I have logged 1,794 miles this year! I will finish the year, I should, over 2,000 miles! After the new year, I will have a couple of Winter months left to finish m ‘Winter’ map and close out my picture book project!
Factor in that couple of months of treks and I will be very excited to se my final tally! However, as for right now, as I figure in some 2,500+ miles driven in 2012, I am sitting around the 5,000 mile mark since I began in February of that year!
Thinking of that, I looked up the distance of the United States from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast an found that to be 2,860 miles. That means I have crossed the U.S. once completely and have almost come all of the way back again!
I am awe-struck that all of those miles have not been on some large interstate, but rather every single, solitary mile has been logged inside of Lawrence County, Illinois! I am so very thankful for this project to have come along, for it has given me a very well-rounded view of this little piece of Earth that I call home!
With that great feeling out-of-the-way, I made my way into the Dust Bowl for the third time, and boy did the ‘dust’ follow me! I saw what was sure to be the final flowers of 2013. These sparse yellows and purples were almost swallowed by the dust and deteriorated to nothing, but out of respect for their beauty, I captured the remaining color before moving on.
This day was also an afternoon for canine exercises! Every home that I drove past that had a dog outside, greeted me with that dog (or dogs) racing me down the gravel roads at 15 m.p.h. before returning home. I often wonder, “Why do dogs do that?”
I look at my clock and midnight is reminding me that I have a ‘paycheck job’ at 7a.m., ugh! It pays the bills and thus I shall agree to hit the sack now. Thank you so very much for reading and I hope you will Live With Passion!!

Till Dark

As my daylight dwindles away, I find myself getting in some amazing shots a dusk! Even the returning dusk clouds that followed me again today, could not come between me, my camera, and a snapshot of time!
With another ten dollars in my tank and a fountain drink in my consul, I made my way out-of-town and on my way towards 38 miles in an hour and a half, and so great photographs!
Have I ever mentioned that I love going down roads on my map that are not used anymore? Well, it is so much fun to turn on my four-wheel-drive and cross roadways that are so much fun to splash water everywhere!
Being that I like clean vehicles, leaves me needing to wash my Jimmy, but seriously, I look at him and feel quite proud of his proof of travel, it reminds me of just how much I enjoy what I do!
I am almost crossed the 40% mark for my ‘Fall’ map and can not wait until the trees turn colors! They are on the verge right now!
I did see some ducks today that talked to me and explained all about their day! I always love getting in a shot of ducks! And with that, I must wish you a good night and a great hump day! As always, Live With Passion!!