27 Miles

Since I began taking shot after my ‘paycheck’ job. I find myself getting excited as 5 o’clock rolls my way! I rush home, feed Ethan’s cat, Smokey (I don’t have to feed Lynden’s dog, Rascal, but once a week in a self feeder), and I am back out the door with my gear for maybe one good hour of pictures.
After five, the sun is my biggest enemy, always shining through my windshield, trying to slow my trek down, but to no avail! I flip down the sun visor in my Jimmy and away I go! Not to my surprise, the dust is back in full force, but in a surprising twist, it has given off some light collecting images that have turned out great to capture!
27 miles, that is how far I traveled today. Not far, considering the lengths I have gone, but none the less, just as important. Even more, these 27 miles were covered for the final time, coming ever so close to half of Lawrence County, Illinois being completed for ever!
My trek today was cut short in the late evening, thanks in part to rain clouds making their way into the area, thus blanketing the landscape with darkness, thirty minutes earlier than usual. Those clouds unknowingly made for some beautiful shots as well! Take that clouds, if your going to block my light, then you leave me with no choice but to make you part of my assignment as well!
I wish there was much more to talk about right now! Still no word on Barney & Lexi with The Missouri Review, fingers crossed however! I continue to search for the money to turn B&L into an E-Book, aren’t we all looking for that though, lol?

With that said, I will not be out tomorrow since it is Wednesday and my children and I will be at church. I look to get out on Thursday if possible! Until then, I hope your week is positive and you are able to Live With Passion!

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