You ever notice that when you are exhausted and to go bed, that the morning is here within the blink of an eye. Boy, is that what happen! With Rylen up half of the night Saturday, I completed my work and was sound asleep last night! However, it had seemed, to me, that as soon as I closed my eyes, I opened them to find Monday staring me right in the face.
I always wonder what Mondays will bring for me as I climb out of my warm and comfortable bed and make my way to my ‘paycheck’ job. This day would be one of the slowest Mondays I have seen since my employment began over five years ago. That being said, the day went by rather steadily time wise.
When five o’clock announced it’s arrival, I raced to my Jimmy and headed home to round-up my gear and make my way out-of-town and into the country. On this beautiful Fall day, the sun made for some of the most spectacular landscape, creating wonderful shade and blinding light in and out of the tree tops.
My old friend, Mr. Dust has returned, but in a rather weakened state, allowing me to leave my windows fully down and the cool air to dance into the cab of my Jimmy. I watched as every road that I traveled today was for the final time on this project, hard to believe that one-quarter of Lawrence County, Illinois is wrapped and completely in the books!
I logged 37 miles and covered some ground, helping to set a good pace for running this self titled, gauntlet! With only two days out of the gate, I am very happy with the progress so far. If I keep this pace through until the Daylight Savings Time change, I will kick this ‘Fall’ map by December!
As I am sitting here, I have one eye closed and the other holding on to staying awake, therefore I bid you a peaceful sleep and a wonderful Tuesday! Live With Passion! 🙂

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