First Fall Photos

From the moment I woke up this morning, (actually 9:30 a.m. to be exact, my youngest son, Rylen was up half of the night, not being able to sleep) and I saw a beautiful, crisp Sunday morning! What a great way to user in a new season and a very welcome invitation to perhaps permanently leave the A/C off for the remainder of the year.
I can not go any further without saying that I love my three sons and had a wonderful morning with them! I always wake to the smell of Lynden making Pop Tarts in the toaster, Ethan snoring under his covers and Rylen lying right beside me, playing Team Umi Zoomi in his Mobie Go (which I highly recommend to any parent of young lads).
I lay for half an hour with Rylen as he plays his learning game before leaving him in the warm bed to make toast and cereal for him and Ethan. I make the boys milk, (I am always making sure they have a drink) Ethan is always chocolate and Rylen is always strawberry. For some reason, Lynden rarely has a drink with his Pop Tarts. Knowing that soda is off-limits until 11:00 a.m. in our house, I do not know how he does it.
Then, it is bath time, (I never send my sons home to their mother dirty). Rylen is always the first to jump into the bath, Ethan is usually coaxed in and with the hot water warmed up again, I run Lynden’s shower and leave him to his own task at hand. After everyone is cleaned and dressed, one by one, they each climb on my bed, lie down on my pillow and get their ears cleaned.
Then it is off to the bathroom for us all to brush our teeth. I love the toothbrushes that light up as ou brush, Ethan and Rylen spend as much time watching them blink as they do brushing! Once finished, everyone plays until it is time to head back to their mother.
After returning home, I clean quickly, grab my gear and head out for pictures. Today, none of my photos could be mistaken for any other season. Although the leaves have yet to change color, it is clear that a new season has arrived and things are about to change. I do like Fall very much though!
I pulled out my ‘Fall’ map and set my mind to facing the distance that I need to cover, head on! With Spring and Summer complete, I must and will complete this map before the middle of December to keep on track for completing my picture book by Winter’s end.
The rain from Friday has settled the dust for the most part and the beautiful cool and sunny afternoon gave way to some great shots and some stress free time for the simple things. I enjoy closing my eyes and taking a deep breath of the Fall air, there is something different about it I think.
Fall seems to clear the air, don’t you think?
With 63 miles covered, I made a very good start on Fall. With mother nature slowly taking away my daylight, I plan to work hard to make it happen! I do hope you have a wonderful week and Live With Passion!

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