A Toast To Summer

Well, I did what I sat out to do on June 2nd, when I completed my ‘Spring’ map! Tonight, with a smile on my face and a heavy heart that is filled with accomplishment, I have officially completed my ‘Summer’ map and now wait the five days remaining in the Summer season to hit the ground running with my ‘Fall’ map before mother nature steals my daylight!
As I did just yesterday, I left my ‘paycheck’ job and climbed into my Jimmy. With all of my gear in my front seat, I set out for the remaining five roads that I had to cover on my Summer trek across Lawrence County, Illinois.
Today, was an evening filled with animals. I have seen more cows, deer and birds that I have all Summer long, not to mention in such a small section of ground! I turned onto one particular road and a herd of cattle were walking in a line, down the gravel road and into a pasture right in front of me. I kindly waited to allow the farmer to secure is herd before making my way down the road. I figure, he was working hard to get them onto greener ground, the very least that I could do was make his job easier by not driving by and scaring his lively hood.
I also passed deer everywhere! At one point, I could have had a beautiful shot of a deer standing by the roadside ditch, not ten feet from me, however, you are never ready for that one “great” shot! By the time I was able to stop and back up, the young deer darted into a thicket and disappeared from my sight, darn it!
All, in all, I have had a memorable Summer and will never forget the two of them, spent chasing down this project! Tonight, it is with a smile and a heavy heart, I now hang my ‘Summer’ map on my office wall for the final time! A farewell toast to Summer…Thanks for the memories!
Live With Passion!

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