Next To Last

With the dig of the back door chime going off as I left my ‘paycheck’ job for the day, I climbed into my Jimmy and made my way south of Bridgeport, Illinois and headed towards the southern most part of Lawrence County. The evening was cool, the air was crisp and I began my next to last stop on my ‘Summer’ map!
The southern most part of the county has a special place in my heart. It is on the first stretch of road I drove down tonight, that I come across my families old homestead farm. I can not help but wish the land was still in my family lineage but sadly it was signed away to a related family and might be forever gone.
With the setting sun to my back, I had my windows down and welcomed the evening breeze into my Jimmy. I have missed the feel of the cool air gently blowing ad allowing me the much-needed opportunity to give the old A/C a rest. The cooler temperature only added to the sense that Fall was knocking on the door of an exiting season.
I must admit that tonight, the dust had returned with a vengeance! The dashboard of my Jimmy is riddled with specks of dust that had floated in from every time I had stopped. With my windows down, it made itself right at home with my vehicle.
After logging 52 miles, I am now on the very last leg of Summer. With 5 roads remaining and roughly four days to work it in between Cub Scouts, Church, cleaning a car on Saturday to make money and having my sons Saturday night, I find the next trek to be one of sweet joy.
I am reminded that with every passing day, the after ‘paycheck’ job treks are going to be shortened by the los of light, I will start right out of the box on my ‘Fall’ map and go hard to get as much in before the darkness claims the night from me. I know I can do it and by finishing off Summer this week, I will work hard to make it happen!
As I turn in for the night, it is my hope that you will enjoy everyday and live it to the best of your abilities! Have a wonderful Tuesday and Live With Passion!

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