Nearly Complete (Never Again)

You know, it is always a funny scenario when I can have a later start on Sunday afternoons and still manage to log a near record trek! I can only say, looking at my map, that the later starts begin in a section of Lawrence County that is easily maneuverable and requires fewer stop signs, allowing me to slowly keep things rolling.
After a wonderful Saturday night and happy Sunday morning with my three sons. I made my way south of Bridgeport, Illinois and into the heart of a section of my map, which houses the point that I first began in almost two years ago. It is here that I released my thoughts into the blue sky and simply focused on continuing my great Sunday.
Today’s section also marks the final trip into this area! Today’s entire trek was for the final time, being that I have been through this cross-section, now, on four separate occasions inside of all four seasons! Today is also the first day that the end of this project has actually gotten lodged into my thoughts. As I am nearly 75% complete, it is only a matter of time before late winter arrives and this assignment will be finished forever!
Today also marks the very first time that I have ever began north and worked my route to the south. I have always began my treks in the southern most area of a section and head upward, however to finish out Summer, I have done the opposite. After almost two years on this project, it boggles my mind slightly to go in the opposite direction but is rather enjoyable none the less!
With 68 miles logged in today, I would take a good guess, that I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 or so miles remaining on my Summer map. Since nest Sunday is the first day of Fall, I plan to have my camera, highlighter, map and log book in my Jimmy and leave immediately after my ‘paycheck’ job is finished for the day and work to wrap up the ‘Summer’ map!
The after ‘paycheck’ job treks will help me prepare to run a marathon into my ‘Fall’ map, which is merely 25% completed. With mother nature slowly taking my time away from me with each passing day, I remain confident that I will complete Fall by the middle of December!
I have officially lost photo count and now must guess that I have between 3 and 4 thousand pictures that will soon have to be sorted. I will have help however! So, with that said, let me wish you a wonderful night and all the best for a great week ahead! It means so much that you have taken the time to read!
Live With Passion!! 🙂

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