Northern Miles

Five hours and 78 miles logged, that makes for quite a great day out in Lawrence County shooting photos!
Today, I began right where I had left off on two days ago. This smaller area left is divide from the northern section by the Embarras River and being that no road connected to the north from where I was at I drove into Lawrenceville and made my way up Illinois Route One.
This northern area is special for me, in part because it is the area of Lawrence County that I grew up in as a boy. Today, I traveled up and down roads that were all to familiar and could have been driven with my eyes closed, (Lol, I kept them open however).
I had the chance to drive down a set of roads that were still marked but never used anymore. I am entitling my picture books: Every Road, Every Season, because no county road gets left behind on this assignment! It always comes to my mind about the stories these old, forgotten roads could tell me if the could only talk. I would love those conversations.
I drove past my father’s house and briefly thought of how I would take out of that long drive on a four-wheeler and ride with my friends for hours. It is funny how certain sights can conjure up old memories!
I made my way north and found myself kicking up dust with every turn! At one point, I had stopped, gotten out of my Jimmy and shut the door about the time the dust trail had caught up with me! *Note to self…”Stop, Wait, Look, Exit!” I know look back on that moment think it would have made for a grand photo!
As I log my third longest trek with 78 miles, it still does not seem possible to travel so many miles and remain in such a small geographic area! I look forward to how many miles I will have spent on this assignment as a whole, it will be exciting to say the very least!
As Monday comes around the corner, I want to wish you, that’s right YOU, a very wonderful week ahead! It may not be much, but, the simplest acts of kindness can make others feel incredible! Until my next post…Live With Passion!

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