A Friday Session

Yep, that’s right! It is Friday night and I have a blog about my photos!
After one of the busiest days this year at my “paycheck” job, I get to enjoy a Friday afternoon treat with Lynden & Ethan! Our Friday ritual is that I pick them up after school lets out and we go to the local gas station and grab a snack and drink! 🙂 I love this routine as much as my boys do! Being a father who loves making memories, it is often a time of happiness, smiles and laughter! Then I drop them off to visit their aunt before returning to finish my work day.
After work, I fetched my two (of three) wonderful sons and drove them to their grandparents home for a visit, while waiting on their mother to pick them all up. With three big hugs and three big kisses, I back out of the driveway and make my way to finish up Petty Township and work on a small section of Lawrence Township!
This trek was a special one for me. After only ten minutes into my session, I drive past my brother, Rick(s), old place that I continue to take care of for his father. I love and miss my brother so very much, but know that he loved my idea of doing this assignment and for him, todays trek, is dedicated!
Today I followed my map down a section of road that has clearly not been used in many, many years. As I traveled down this piece of forgotten county, I began to think about all of the sights that once were and will never be again. After ten minutes on this trail (I will not call this a road anymore) I reached a turn where a bridge once crossed the Embarrass River, just south of Lawrenceville, Illinois. It was at this point that I could no longer exit my Jimmy for the thicket of brush against me and thus, not being able to cross the river, I turned around and made the long drive back in four-wheel-drive as the sun began to lower.
I would finish my last shot of the day with my door pin on my Jimmy falling out and almost losing my door! I am thankful, however, that as I drove to the local car wash and clean my four-wheel-drive up. I found the pin and was able to replace it and solve the problem, no sweat!
So as I end this conversation with you tonight, know that I will be out again on Sunday for several hours and look forward to sharing my afternoon to you!
Live With Passion!

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