Running On Empty

Today began just like any other Sunday. After being gone from me for a vacation in Alabama, I was blessed to have my sons home and with me for the weekend. Nothing is more nerve jarring than having your children gone so far away from you for the first time! Being able to hold them in my arms again is such a relief and I thank my God for that!
My photo trek today was to start out with my oldest son, Lynden, going with me for the first time in many months. However, as I drove by a friend’s home to return something, Lynden had asked to stay and play with his oldest son. I smiled and told him to have fun and that I would return for him later. What parent doesn’t want their child to just be happy!?
I made my way north again, this time to the far reaches of the “Dust Bow”, which had been settle slightly, thanks in part to a storm that rolled through my area last night. I do not mind the dust, but when you stop and then count to ten before you can exit the Jimmy without filling the vehicle with it is rather much.
This part of my journey seems to be the most lack luster, in part, to the isolation and emptiness of the area. While it does have some beautiful shots within it, I could not help but feel as though time had forgotten it and had passed around it. Parts of todays trek was riddled with graphite and infrastructure that had been allowed to fall past its usefulness.
However, that very thing opened the door to many roads that were rarely driven and photos out and about, begging to be captured! At some points it was so quiet, all that could be heard for a mile was the chirping of the crickets.
With 58 miles logged today, I am only a handful of roads away from the last remaining area to cover in Lawrence County. This section will take me from the central part of the north, straight down the heart of the county to the southern county line. It is at that point I will complete the “Summer” map and be on my way to running the gauntlet, so to speak, to complete the “Fall” map before the end of December!
With my time to pick up Lynden coming close, I look down to realize that I am, in fact, almost on empty! This is the first time since I began a year and half ago that I have allowed my fuel situation to stagger so close to “completely out”. I snapped my last few shots and made the long and worrisome drive south, back into town and barely to the gas station.
It was here that my financial situation dropped by to say hello. I had to write a check for my fuel that I can not cover until Tuesday, which is something I never do but needed to be able to take Lynden home to his mother. Now as I sit here, writing to you, I admit to have nothing for dinner.
For the first time in my adult life, I have no food in the refrigerator and no money to purchase any with. Yet I am still so very thankful to have been able to journey out and into the country today!LOL, I have lost four pounds in the last two weeks, having to cut back on groceries. While it is not the best way to lose a few pounds, it is a good way to put a positive spin on a rough situation! 🙂
I am so look forward to my biography to come out in the Midwest Writer’s Guild’s novel: “Truths & Tales”! I am waiting to be told its official release date! I had hoped to report to you about another contest entry with Barney & Lexi, however I do not have the entry fee this week. Hopefully next week I can enter and look for a winning selection!
As I sign off here tonight remember, though the gas tank and fridge might be running on empty, the dreamer always has their dreams! Live With Passion!

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