Offroad & Offtrack

The clock in my office/bedroom said 1:00p.m. I grabbed my mileage book, my highlighter, “Summer” map and camera and headed out the door. A quick stop at the gas station for a fountain drink and I made my way north towards “The Dust Bowl”. It would be a day filled with dust!
I began this bright Sunday afternoon in the northwest corner of Lawrence County. I always enjoy standing at the intersection of three counties, to me it is a geographic oddity where you can literally be in three places at once! This intersection was ironically, a crossroads, much like the one I feel I am at in my life…
This area of my home is also the most isolated! The vast majority of corn and bean fields lie in this township and the homes are few and, at some points, very far in between. Today I drove 88 miles(a record log for my treks) and I only past two vehicles in the five hours I spent out getting shots.
I often drive down the road not paying any attention to the road beneath me and my Jimmy, today however, I found myself always looking behind me and observing the tracks I made on the gravel roads. LOL, I can clearly see now that I am all over the place while out getting photographs!
Today was adventurous! I had come to a section of road that I had come to in the Spring of 2012. This is a stretch of road that runs into a very low-lying area of Petty Township and is the intersection of two creek beds. This section is often underwater and thus has washed away the road so many times that the road crew officially abandoned it.
I walked two miles on foot up the abandoned stretch of road to make sure that the foolish child in me was not going to become hung up in the old roadbed and make the adult in me look silly. It is always a rush to go off-road! My map said it was a road and keeping with my promise to travel every road through every season, I was going!
I put my Jimmy in four-wheel-drive and flew through the forgotten road with ease! As I eventually made my way to where the gravel had not washed away, I stopped and got out, looked behind me, thinking about how last year this same area had been underwater and the adult in me said, “I don’t think so young man!”
All in all, I covered some ground and got some great shots on my way to closing the gap on the “Summer” map! I am also very happy to say that I will be one of 45 authors across the country to be entered in Midwest Writer’s Guild’s novel: “Truths& Tales”! This novel will have various authors telling their personal story on the road to success, “The Life of L.B. Fox” chapter will give you a very deep view into the road to where I am (thankful to be) at. I will post more on “Truths & Tales” as its official release date is announced!
Before I say goodnight once again, I wonder, if life came with a manual, would we use it? I admit that my mind seems so off track anymore and the simplest things seem so large. However, here is to life without a manual! Live With Passion!!

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