Diesel & Dust

100_4972Today was not the typical Sunday afternoon for me. It was and afternoon filled with laughter and memories as my oldest son Lynden, who recently turned 10, had his birthday party with his mother. It was a beautiful afternoon and I could not feel more happy to attend and spend more time with my children!
I love watching my sons laugh and smile! What parent doesn’t right? I watched as Lynden, flanked by friends of his, open presents and eat Minecraft style cupcakes and cookies! You know these moments are special and will not be forgotten!
I walked my four-year old, Rylen, who had grown tired of staying in one place, across the local city park and played until he was beat red and need a drink of water. I never had to many memories of doing things like this with my parents and work my tail off to give them to my children! To watch him run and play is a joy in itself!
After the presents, the playing and the visiting, friends went home, food was packed up and I gave my boys a hug goodbye and made my way home. I knew it was much later than I had ever started before, however, I took my Summer map of Lawrence County, Illinois off my wall, grabbed my mileage log, highlighter, camera and fountain drink and made my way over the highway to the north side of the county.
Just as it had been the previous year when I was in the area I call “The Dust Bowl”, the lack of rain and miles upon miles of gravel roads gave way to droves of dust as I made my way up and down the 67 miles of ground I covered. At times, I would stop and then wait about 20 seconds for the dust to pass my Jimmy before getting out to take my shot.
Even with all of the dust, I loved being able to stop and snap shots of the beautiful flowers that continue to grow along the roadways! The color amongst all of the browns and greens of Summer are amazing to capture with my camera.
This is also the time for farm machinery and road construction equipment to be out and sitting in set asides and fields, waiting for their owners to return on Monday and begin work again! Nothing like a drive on a late Sunday afternoon amongst the diesel and dust!
I want to end by saying, we don’t ever know how much time we have on this beautiful Earth, so make the most of it and Live With Passion!!

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