Movin’ On Up!

100_4838As I finish up No Man’s Land, I find myself ready to cross US Highway 50 and head north into an area I have termed The Dust Bowl. However, as I finish No Man’s Land, I am overcome by the rustic beauty of my home county! Every season brings new life to everything I see.
I stopped in the local gas station at Sumner, Illinois and grabbed my fountain drink and took off, south, to finish up the long and narrow strip on my map of Lawrence County, Illinois. You ever notice how refreshing fountain drinks are, I don’t know, maybe it is just me!?
No Man’s Land is always difficult for me to shot because I always find myself driving up the county line road and looking on the other side (which is another county) and starting to take a shot before realizing what I am doing and stop. My project is of Lawrence County only, so, to take a photo of any neighboring county would take away from the pure feeling I have for this series. Thus, I keep every picture with my home county!
I still have to cover this area twice more before I am finished, but as things begin to close in, the very smallest of light at the end of the tunnel is now showing itself. I can not begin to imagine how many photos I will have at the end of this but I will have captured parts of history that are beautifully captured by a photograph.
I was recently approached with the suggestion about sending some of my material to places like Farm & Ranch magazine when I am finished. I never thought of that but zines just like that might like some of my photos perhaps. What do you think?
Anyway, it is 11:00 and as I am ready for my pillow I want to thank you personally so very much for taking the time out of your life to read about my project. It means a great deal and is appreciated! Live With Passion!

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