No Man’s Land

100_4832On this particular trek, I journeyed to the very farthest I could travel in Lawrence County Illinois, an area I have titled, No Man’s Land, simply because this far corner of Lawrence County has very few homes and miles upon miles of farmland.
I did not cover much ground on the map, however, I managed to log 68 miles to my journal. My accountant told me that I might get half of that money back this coming tax season which would be wonderful given the hundreds I have spent on fuel!
At one point in my trek, I captured a shot, then simply leaned back, against my Jimmy and listened to the absolute sound of nothing. This area truly is No Man’s Land, for not even a sound was heard at times. Still, I must say that this area is very beautiful. It is home to some wonderful butterflies that have eluded my camera to this point, LOL!
Mother nature also has spared us from some rains as of late, thus, this is the first trek out this Summer, where the dust has reappeared and covered my Jimmy quite nicely. There is nothing more country than when you spot another vehicle coming your direction on a gravel road and as it passes you, it leaves an enormous dust storm in its wake.
I am covering more ground for the fourth and final time on this trek and realizing that by New years, I could be close to completion and on my way to publication! Strange actually, to travel some roads for the final time and know it is on the down hill slope.
Still, I am moving on, tired and wiry, but moving on! I want to invite you to stop by my Facebook page at and I would love to hear from you via snail mail at Imaginary Fox P.O. Box 134 Bridgeport, IL. 62417 I wish you a great night, Live With Passion!

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