Blacktop & Backroads

You ever see how children can make you laugh out of nowhere? Mine sure can and did this morning! Now, I have to be honest, I am not usually one who likes to be tickled, however, this morning with two little boys tickling and giggling, I laughed and allowed myself to be tickled for ten minutes. I loved the smiling faces on my boys had all morning long!


After showers, putting on clean clothes, brushing teeth & cleaning ears, it was time to take them home, not before heading by McDonald’s for three medium fries, which were eaten in the short distance back to their mother! I think my children must have a reserve stomach for McDonald’s fries! lol


I returned home and cleaned with my new vacuum sweeper, which was very well worth the money, and back up my gear to trek off to finish off my first section of the Summer map that remains. You see, on my four maps, (one for each season) I have the county gridded up, into sections (10, to be exact) which help me visually work away at the large area, being Lawrence County.


This is a memorable session today because there is a small section of Lawrence County that I will never do again for this assignment! Hard to believe that I have been working on this long enough that the window of work remaining is now beginning to become smaller every Sunday! I will have a vacation in a couple of weeks from my ‘paycheck’ job and with it, I will finish off what is left of Summer and prepare for the biggest run of completing Fall, which has the least completed on its map.


I have added up 875 miles and look forward to seeing my year-end total after Christmas!


Since I began, I have used a Kodak Easy Share C180 which I have dubbed, “The Road Warrior” because it has been used so often, that the paint is wearing off all over it and many times throughout a session, I have to ‘lightly’ tap it to make it come on to capture the photo I want. Should it complete this journey with me, I will happily (and gratefully) retire the old boy to a life on my office shelf where my picture books will sit! I do wonder, what I will do once the pictures have all been taken and the book is complete? Lol, I’ll know in time I guess!


As I finish tonight, I strongly urge you to make your dreams happen and to do that you have to Live With Passion!

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