The Dancing Wash Rag!


Well, tonight I defined the moment and jumped right back into The Boondock Kids! To put my fingertips on the keyboard and create is never anything short of a spectacular feeling! The one core element I love about writing is the fact that when a writer begins, nothing is for certain. Afterwards, a blank slate is given life and a sense of purpose. That is what makes the written word so much fun! 🙂

Tonight I took an ordinary (and imaginary) wash cloth and by the time I had finished for the night, it was a magical wash rag that danced its way through the dirty pots and pans like Fred Astaire! I even wonder, “Should I have given it a name?” lol

Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena could do absolutely nothing but watch the playful cloth work it magic until even item in the sparkling blue water, filled with white, puffy, soap suds was clean. It even took the time to have a little fun of its own by kicking some suds on Cristena, making everyone giggle with laughter!

Kelmare then offered the four friends some hot tea and all eyes were on that copper kettle. From the moment it was taken from the sink and dried off, to having a small, tan, pouch placed inside and sat on an old cast iron stove that have a very crooked exhaust pipe snaking its way towards the ceiling and out the roof.

The four friends sat near the warm fire and pretended to be relaxing, however, secretly, they could, by no means, contain their curiosity of Spyderia!

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