The Right Thing?

I would like to begin by saying something like, “I didn’t make it out last week,” or “I forgot to post last Sunday.” If I were to say that it would simply be a false statement. Truth is, I have been in the gutter, mentally, and I can’t seem to find my way out of it.


I came home after developing my photos, last Sunday and simply went to bed. That is the first time since I began this blog several years ago, that I had something to write about and just didn’t. Seems that sleeping is all I do much these days besides go to my “paycheck” job.


I haven’t written anymore on The Boondock Kids in two months and, as a writer, it hurts to sit down in front of my keyboard and nothing will come out, when it used to flow like wine. The things I do not want to worry about are at the forefront of my thoughts and the most important dreams of my future are systematically push to the back burner in efforts to survive.


I have been thinking a great deal about the picture book assignment. When I finish I more than likely will have crossed this country two or three times over and never left my own county in Illinois. I hope to publish the four (seasonal) volumes into an impressive coffee table book that others will love. I work at this because deep down, I believe that someone will love it and put the series out there.


Right now, I worry that this will all be in vain and no one will care about the beauty that is being preserved in these photographs. Will I be finished by years end only to have over 6,000 pictures lining the shelves of my bedroom? My core belief is NO!


I am at a point where as a writer, I have no clue were to turn to or ideas on how to push my five completed works out there. Any advice from you would be treated like gold. I have: The Adventures of Marky, Slash & Levy, The Return of Marky, Slash & Levy, Barney & Lexi: Lost In Lawrenceville, Marky, Slash & Levy Vs. The Doomsday Device and Marky, Slash & Levy: Search For The Heatseeker.


I have all of my photos taken for the “Spring” volume of my series with somewhere around 1000 pictures taken for it and am 1/4 the way through The Boondock Kids and wish I was further and hope to complete it in early 2014, once the picture book is completed.


Time to say goodnight. I hope to take my own advice and Live With Passion!

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