First Summer Session

Boy was it so wonderful to get back out there!


I have to admit that I have been lost this past two weeks, not getting out there, pounding the (not so pavement) pavement. Truth is, as I finished the “Last Spring” post, I began a relationship with someone wonderful! I could not do much but think of her and how blessed coming “Full Circle” felt. I was overwhelmed with the feeling of being complete and that anything and everything was finally possible!


You know something? It is so strange actually! I have always said that I would not fall very fast for someone and that I could walk away anytime I felt I needed to protect my children and my heart. That shocked the hell out of me when from the moment I met this woman who I fell harder and faster than I ever thought possible. To say the very least, I had a hard time slowing myself down!


When two people hit it off, they talk about everything, and that, we sure did! I have never met anyone like her. Unfortunately, after a couple of weeks together, I found myself without anyone, being now a “friend”. I know I am a man and that we are thought of as being made of iron and nails, this had left me in a state of disarray. I would think that I would be used to finding good female company, only to be let go, but it never gets easier.


Thank goodness for Summer!


I watched as the rain fell outside, however, the weather has never stopped me before and it would not do it today! I took my sons home as usual and made my way to begin the last journey towards completing the Summer volume of my series! It is always a wonder at how the Summer greenery turns everything I saw in the Winter like night into day!


What once was clearly visible creeks are now camouflage limbs and branches, hiding the waters like a secret. Tiger Lillies and Daisies ran rapid over the countryside and at times, seemed to chase one another. I can’t recall a time where so many flowers grew, it is, in a large part, due to the plentiful rains we have had in Lawrence County this Spring.


The only downside of this trek was the wonderful crack that showed itself to me on my windshield, saying “Look at me, ain’t I pretty?” LOL. Not that it really was a bad thing but a pest anyway!


I can not help but return home feeling much better having a great photo session! I hope and pray that such good feelings are on the horizon for Marky, Slash & Levy and Barney & Lexi! I have sent out so many query letters and received all rejections that I admit to being disappointed in the agent “Thing”. I also feel so very sorry for them all. What will they think when they see my books on the shelves, selling like hotcakes and realizing that they passed it up!? Food for thought.


Remember, Live With Passion! I plan to start back on The Boondock Kids this week!!

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