The Final Spring

This past Sunday marked a large milestone for the picture book project! As I made my way down the last few roads of the day, it marked my final trip across my “Spring” map. When I was finished for the day, I was finished with Spring for good!


I could not help but realize that this dream of crisscrossing Lawrence County, Illinois was in fact becoming a dream come true for me! To complete the Spring shots has me smiling and realizing that one day there will be a Sunday when there is no more going on treks for the picture book. As Summer soon begins, that is a reality and is beginning to sink in.


So many of my treks this year have been marked by rain, or at the very least, overcast skies. This Sunday trek would prove to be no different! With clouds hanging overhead and a slight drizzle falling down around me throughout the afternoon was, in some ways, the perfect ending to the season I was completing.


With over 2,500 photos lining the shelves over my head, I can not help but wonder, “Just how many will there be once Summer, Fall & Winter are complete. I then totaled up my Spring season driving for this year and the total came to 497 miles. Not to bad to me at all!


The time has come that I will now sit for a couple of weekends and await Friday June 21st to arrive. Then, and only then, with the official start of the Summer season, will I take off again to discover the final visions of Lawrence County!


I always appreciate you taking the time to read, it means a great deal that you do so! Things are looking much better and all I can say is, “It’s on and up!” Remember, Live With Passion.

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