A Late Posting

I have to apologize for posting this three days late. First of all, when I finally made it home on Sunday night, I laid down on my couch for what was supposed to have been a few minutes and it found its way to 1a.m. before I woke up just long enough for me to go to bed.


My Sunday began with my mother and three sons here in my little 400 square foot home. We got up, had breakfast and then the boys went home to their mom. My mother ran some errands and I took off to the center of Lawrence County for some very good shots as I draw closer to finishing my Spring map.


I look to possibly finish my Spring map with this next trek out. Then I will have a couple of Sundays to detail a few vehicles to earn some much-needed money.


While taking pictures, I could not help but bask in the beautiful day. It was the warmest day of 2013 thus far, but none the less, it was absolutely beautiful, the sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, the birds were chirping and the butterflies where out in wonder.


I have to admit that I felt great on this day! I always seem to follow the weather I reckon. I also admit that I have not washed the Jimmy for three weeks and after that long of general driving, combined with three treks out for shots, it is very, very dirty.


After finishing pictures early, I returned home to get Lynden for his Cub Scout Crossover. I love being his den leader and can not believe that next year, he will cross over and become a Boy Scout! It was a nice evening and one that I will always remember.


Since then, I have had a t-ball game, a little league game, church and mowed my lawn. Thus I regret from posting so late! I appreciate you reading so very much!


I got another rejection for Barney & Lexi but continue to plug forward! I won’t quite!! I would like to have Bk1 of Marky, Slash & Levy edited but that will be close to 1,500 dollars, which I fear, I do not have right now. I will one day in the future though.


As I prepare for bed, I wish you a great rest of the week and hope you Live With Passion! Take Care.



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