Muddy Waters


I have to say that this particular picture assignment was one of my least favorite. Not that I didn’t get some great shots, but rather, the fact that I had to drive through a section of the county I call, the River Bed. It is an area in the southern most part of Lawrence County that follows the Wabash River and is always prone to flood waters.


With all of the rain we have had here in the county, this area was nothing but a large lake a week ago. It was also the reason I did not shoot any pictures, it would have been impossible. This week however, the waters had almost fallen back to the river and I was able to cover this barren land.


I did come to one point where the flood waters still covered the road, and not by just an inch or two but rather a foot or two. The adult in me said, “Turn around and go back the other way and loop around.” The kid in me then said, “Go for it!” So I put my Jimmy in four-wheel drive and made my way across the road. At the middle I foolishly opened my door to see the water right at the bottom of the threshold. I shut my door and carried on with caution.


Now it only takes a couple of inches of moving water to move a car and I knew this. Still, the kid in me was having a blast! It was not long before the other side was upon me and I made it safely to the other side. Looking back, had the water been any higher, or moved any faster, I might have been laughing as I cried, lol.


I then made my way across Illinois Route One and into the area I began this assignment a year and a half ago. As I make my way north towards Lawrenceville, I will complete my Spring map and be down to three, Summer, Fall, Winter! It is hard to believe that in a couple of weeks, one map will be completed! So far this year, I have logged close to 700 miles!


I also must report that the literary agency that had shown interest in Barney & Lexi has passed on the edited version. I admit that I do not understand agents. They replied by telling me that there was so much to like about the story but they were going to pass. Blows my mind quite frankly, never the less, they will regret it when it does get published and sells well. Gotta keep focused!


As I say goodnight, let me wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day and a great week as well. Remember, Live With Passion! P.S. Here is a video from today!

This video doesn’t exist

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