Louis Does The Dishes


After two months of dealing with a bunch of blah, blah, blah, I feel so great to say that, tonight, I climbed back into The Boondock Kids. I guess with all of the blah, blah, blah, going on in my crazy life lately has had me too distracted to focus, let alone write something that doesn’t sound pathetic, you know, something you write during the night and then wake up the following morning and think, “Oh, my God, what was I thinking?” right before you delete most of it and start over!

Thanks to my friend, artist Jason Craig, for giving me, once again, sound advice that I needed to hear. Also, thanks to Evermore, the little something that I wrote my pain out of me on. I loved putting it down in writing and am so grateful to have such an honest friend.  Anyway, as the clock strikes 12:12a.m. her is tonight’s insight of TBK.

As if seeing the inside of Kelmares dwelling is not jaw dropping enough for Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena, they each are individually caught by certain elements within the home. Mario notices that Kelmare’s old, rail style bed, looks exactly like his own back home, all but the difference in the quilt laying on top, which did not match the one on Mario’s bed, his Grandmother had made him. When he sat down on the made, causing the bed to creak, Mario was socked to hear the bed make the same squeak as his own.

“That sounds your bed,” Louis quickly noted.

Louis was standing near the copper sink filled with old tin saucers and plate, soaking in large soap suds. Upon further study, he found the water beneath to be the bluest of blue. He stuck just one finger through the suds and was over come with the sensation that he had just come from the garden hose on a hot July afternoon.

“That’s too real,” Louis said.

Kelmare then asked if Louis would like to do those dishes, to which Louis politely replied “no”. When asked if he was sure, Cristena announced to Kelmare that doing the dishes was Louis’s most dreaded chores at home. Kelmare understood but asked one last time, just to make sure. He then asked Louis if he could say just one word for him, to which Louis agreed. Kelmare then leaned towards Louis and whispered into his ear.

“Is that it” Louis asked.

Kelmare smiled as Louis said the word “WASH”. All four children stood in shock as the wash rag that had drapped over the side of the copper sink, like dead game, suddenly began to move. It stood up like a human being, jumped into the water and began to scrub itself against the saucers and plates.

“It’s washing them itself!” Sindy said with disillusion.

Kelmare reminded them that this was just another version of magic that was used in Spyderia.

*Now this isn’t an excerpt from the book, I just added the real quotes in between the paragraphs I wrote to you. Ok, I can’t keep my eyes open any longer, I wish you a very good night and a great May 10th, please remember to LIVE WITH PASSION!

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