Evermore: Everlasting by: L.B. Fox


All at once their battles consumed them, HE & SHE know that this is the fight, of not only their lives, but also, the very existence of any possible future. Blades clash, releasing bent up anger and disdain. Arrows soar through the air towards the two soldiers of fate, hitting each, numerous times and yet they continue fighting, side by side. With the feeling of her by his side, HE fights with the soul of one thousand warriors. Nothing can stop him, it would seem that not even the ominous maiden of death could slow his beating heart, since it had been freed by her such a short fraction of time ago.

HE wheeled his swords as if, with every swing, his heart, his soul, grew stronger and filled him with adrenaline. SHE was different! SHE stood by him when it was clear that SHE, too, was unsure that HE would not crush her core. Thoughts of her raced through his mind as HE faced his battle with form and grace. His soul had been mended and his spirit had been given back to him!

With one final stance, HE was victorious! His own battle, filled with pain and demons, had clearly seen his explosion of life and had come to know, early on, that it was absolutely no match for the intensity of this warrior. Fleeing into the horizon, his battle would disappear from sight. Then, a crippling emotion ran over his body. The air had gone silent…

Fearing the very worst, HE turn around to find his beloved no longer fighting, but rather, standing face to face with the very leader of her long pained battle.

SHE stood face to face with the leader. The pain of the past could not cover the smallest glimmer of hope that remained in the confines of her once locked heart. Looking into the eyes of the leader, SHE felt a sense of need slowly build inside her being that would not allow her to shake loose. As the leader reached out his hand, SHE began to feel weak. Everything SHE had fought for was pointless in her eyes.

SHE reached out her hands, placing the painful blade into the leaders grasp. With a smile of pure enjoyment upon his face, the leader turned her away from him, to face the one who had fought at her side. It was clearly visible from her eyes, that HE was in a state of violent shock. SHE could see his angst building rapidly. However, SHE knew there was nothing SHE could do against her battle.

With a firm hand on her right shoulder, the leader forced her to her knees. The instance her knees hit the ground, the most painful tears began to flow from her eyes, like that of a mighty, free-flowing river. SHE made no sound and gave no hint of pain, yet the tears flowed.

At the sight of her tears, HE drew his swords in preparation to slay her demons, all alone if fate would have it that way. His swords would slowly fall to the ground at the sight of which HE had never seen before. SHE had placed one hand into the air, a symbol of her acceptance of the leader. HE could not believe how fate had yet twisted again.

SHE closed her eyes as the leader made his way around to her backside. With the smallest of kisses to the back of her head, the leader thrust the blade into the nearly healed scare. SHE screamed like never before! The tears flowed so now that skin had stressed and blood began to flow down her face. Unable to stand, SHE could only rest there, hoping that fate was with her as SHE watched the outcome of her decision unfold.

HE could only watch as the leader made his way towards him. HE knew what fate had in store for his soul and that there was nothing in the heavens which would allow him to stop such an act. Standing before him, the leader placed out his right hand. Against every will in his being, HE handed his blade over and watched as the leader made his way, ever so slowly behind him. A silence fell over the region, HE & SHE stared at one another, one with shock and the other with disbelief.

Then an explosion of pain like HE had never thought possible entered his core! HE fell to the ground and wriled in pain, twisting and turning in failed attempts to outmaneuver the pain and torture. Soon the all too familiar feeling had set in and the pain dulled. HE stared at the leader as SHE slowly stood and took his hand.

How could something fought and died for be all in vain, HE thought, lying there in ruin. Walking away together, SHE turned back to see him lying there in a sea of failure. That would be short-lived as her face would be turned around for her by the leader. Her tears subsided as they walked into the horizon and out of sight.

It would be some time before HE was able to stand to his feet, however, when he did, HE glared across the wasteland and knew that it had been and would forever be his home. A sense of chaotic peace entered his soul, as his eyes turned black and his heart slowed to a nearly non-existent rhythm. Knowing that his battle would one day return, HE made his way across the wasteland, forever carring in his locked core, the pain of a lost love, the pain that would become, Everlasting….

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