A Late Posting

I have to apologize for posting this three days late. First of all, when I finally made it home on Sunday night, I laid down on my couch for what was supposed to have been a few minutes and it found its way to 1a.m. before I woke up just long enough for me to go to bed.


My Sunday began with my mother and three sons here in my little 400 square foot home. We got up, had breakfast and then the boys went home to their mom. My mother ran some errands and I took off to the center of Lawrence County for some very good shots as I draw closer to finishing my Spring map.


I look to possibly finish my Spring map with this next trek out. Then I will have a couple of Sundays to detail a few vehicles to earn some much-needed money.


While taking pictures, I could not help but bask in the beautiful day. It was the warmest day of 2013 thus far, but none the less, it was absolutely beautiful, the sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, the birds were chirping and the butterflies where out in wonder.


I have to admit that I felt great on this day! I always seem to follow the weather I reckon. I also admit that I have not washed the Jimmy for three weeks and after that long of general driving, combined with three treks out for shots, it is very, very dirty.


After finishing pictures early, I returned home to get Lynden for his Cub Scout Crossover. I love being his den leader and can not believe that next year, he will cross over and become a Boy Scout! It was a nice evening and one that I will always remember.


Since then, I have had a t-ball game, a little league game, church and mowed my lawn. Thus I regret from posting so late! I appreciate you reading so very much!


I got another rejection for Barney & Lexi but continue to plug forward! I won’t quite!! I would like to have Bk1 of Marky, Slash & Levy edited but that will be close to 1,500 dollars, which I fear, I do not have right now. I will one day in the future though.


As I prepare for bed, I wish you a great rest of the week and hope you Live With Passion! Take Care.



Muddy Waters


I have to say that this particular picture assignment was one of my least favorite. Not that I didn’t get some great shots, but rather, the fact that I had to drive through a section of the county I call, the River Bed. It is an area in the southern most part of Lawrence County that follows the Wabash River and is always prone to flood waters.


With all of the rain we have had here in the county, this area was nothing but a large lake a week ago. It was also the reason I did not shoot any pictures, it would have been impossible. This week however, the waters had almost fallen back to the river and I was able to cover this barren land.


I did come to one point where the flood waters still covered the road, and not by just an inch or two but rather a foot or two. The adult in me said, “Turn around and go back the other way and loop around.” The kid in me then said, “Go for it!” So I put my Jimmy in four-wheel drive and made my way across the road. At the middle I foolishly opened my door to see the water right at the bottom of the threshold. I shut my door and carried on with caution.


Now it only takes a couple of inches of moving water to move a car and I knew this. Still, the kid in me was having a blast! It was not long before the other side was upon me and I made it safely to the other side. Looking back, had the water been any higher, or moved any faster, I might have been laughing as I cried, lol.


I then made my way across Illinois Route One and into the area I began this assignment a year and a half ago. As I make my way north towards Lawrenceville, I will complete my Spring map and be down to three, Summer, Fall, Winter! It is hard to believe that in a couple of weeks, one map will be completed! So far this year, I have logged close to 700 miles!


I also must report that the literary agency that had shown interest in Barney & Lexi has passed on the edited version. I admit that I do not understand agents. They replied by telling me that there was so much to like about the story but they were going to pass. Blows my mind quite frankly, never the less, they will regret it when it does get published and sells well. Gotta keep focused!


As I say goodnight, let me wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day and a great week as well. Remember, Live With Passion! P.S. Here is a video from today!

This video doesn’t exist

Louis Does The Dishes


After two months of dealing with a bunch of blah, blah, blah, I feel so great to say that, tonight, I climbed back into The Boondock Kids. I guess with all of the blah, blah, blah, going on in my crazy life lately has had me too distracted to focus, let alone write something that doesn’t sound pathetic, you know, something you write during the night and then wake up the following morning and think, “Oh, my God, what was I thinking?” right before you delete most of it and start over!

Thanks to my friend, artist Jason Craig, for giving me, once again, sound advice that I needed to hear. Also, thanks to Evermore, the little something that I wrote my pain out of me on. I loved putting it down in writing and am so grateful to have such an honest friend.  Anyway, as the clock strikes 12:12a.m. her is tonight’s insight of TBK.

As if seeing the inside of Kelmares dwelling is not jaw dropping enough for Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena, they each are individually caught by certain elements within the home. Mario notices that Kelmare’s old, rail style bed, looks exactly like his own back home, all but the difference in the quilt laying on top, which did not match the one on Mario’s bed, his Grandmother had made him. When he sat down on the made, causing the bed to creak, Mario was socked to hear the bed make the same squeak as his own.

“That sounds your bed,” Louis quickly noted.

Louis was standing near the copper sink filled with old tin saucers and plate, soaking in large soap suds. Upon further study, he found the water beneath to be the bluest of blue. He stuck just one finger through the suds and was over come with the sensation that he had just come from the garden hose on a hot July afternoon.

“That’s too real,” Louis said.

Kelmare then asked if Louis would like to do those dishes, to which Louis politely replied “no”. When asked if he was sure, Cristena announced to Kelmare that doing the dishes was Louis’s most dreaded chores at home. Kelmare understood but asked one last time, just to make sure. He then asked Louis if he could say just one word for him, to which Louis agreed. Kelmare then leaned towards Louis and whispered into his ear.

“Is that it” Louis asked.

Kelmare smiled as Louis said the word “WASH”. All four children stood in shock as the wash rag that had drapped over the side of the copper sink, like dead game, suddenly began to move. It stood up like a human being, jumped into the water and began to scrub itself against the saucers and plates.

“It’s washing them itself!” Sindy said with disillusion.

Kelmare reminded them that this was just another version of magic that was used in Spyderia.

*Now this isn’t an excerpt from the book, I just added the real quotes in between the paragraphs I wrote to you. Ok, I can’t keep my eyes open any longer, I wish you a very good night and a great May 10th, please remember to LIVE WITH PASSION!

Evermore: Everlasting by: L.B. Fox


All at once their battles consumed them, HE & SHE know that this is the fight, of not only their lives, but also, the very existence of any possible future. Blades clash, releasing bent up anger and disdain. Arrows soar through the air towards the two soldiers of fate, hitting each, numerous times and yet they continue fighting, side by side. With the feeling of her by his side, HE fights with the soul of one thousand warriors. Nothing can stop him, it would seem that not even the ominous maiden of death could slow his beating heart, since it had been freed by her such a short fraction of time ago.

HE wheeled his swords as if, with every swing, his heart, his soul, grew stronger and filled him with adrenaline. SHE was different! SHE stood by him when it was clear that SHE, too, was unsure that HE would not crush her core. Thoughts of her raced through his mind as HE faced his battle with form and grace. His soul had been mended and his spirit had been given back to him!

With one final stance, HE was victorious! His own battle, filled with pain and demons, had clearly seen his explosion of life and had come to know, early on, that it was absolutely no match for the intensity of this warrior. Fleeing into the horizon, his battle would disappear from sight. Then, a crippling emotion ran over his body. The air had gone silent…

Fearing the very worst, HE turn around to find his beloved no longer fighting, but rather, standing face to face with the very leader of her long pained battle.

SHE stood face to face with the leader. The pain of the past could not cover the smallest glimmer of hope that remained in the confines of her once locked heart. Looking into the eyes of the leader, SHE felt a sense of need slowly build inside her being that would not allow her to shake loose. As the leader reached out his hand, SHE began to feel weak. Everything SHE had fought for was pointless in her eyes.

SHE reached out her hands, placing the painful blade into the leaders grasp. With a smile of pure enjoyment upon his face, the leader turned her away from him, to face the one who had fought at her side. It was clearly visible from her eyes, that HE was in a state of violent shock. SHE could see his angst building rapidly. However, SHE knew there was nothing SHE could do against her battle.

With a firm hand on her right shoulder, the leader forced her to her knees. The instance her knees hit the ground, the most painful tears began to flow from her eyes, like that of a mighty, free-flowing river. SHE made no sound and gave no hint of pain, yet the tears flowed.

At the sight of her tears, HE drew his swords in preparation to slay her demons, all alone if fate would have it that way. His swords would slowly fall to the ground at the sight of which HE had never seen before. SHE had placed one hand into the air, a symbol of her acceptance of the leader. HE could not believe how fate had yet twisted again.

SHE closed her eyes as the leader made his way around to her backside. With the smallest of kisses to the back of her head, the leader thrust the blade into the nearly healed scare. SHE screamed like never before! The tears flowed so now that skin had stressed and blood began to flow down her face. Unable to stand, SHE could only rest there, hoping that fate was with her as SHE watched the outcome of her decision unfold.

HE could only watch as the leader made his way towards him. HE knew what fate had in store for his soul and that there was nothing in the heavens which would allow him to stop such an act. Standing before him, the leader placed out his right hand. Against every will in his being, HE handed his blade over and watched as the leader made his way, ever so slowly behind him. A silence fell over the region, HE & SHE stared at one another, one with shock and the other with disbelief.

Then an explosion of pain like HE had never thought possible entered his core! HE fell to the ground and wriled in pain, twisting and turning in failed attempts to outmaneuver the pain and torture. Soon the all too familiar feeling had set in and the pain dulled. HE stared at the leader as SHE slowly stood and took his hand.

How could something fought and died for be all in vain, HE thought, lying there in ruin. Walking away together, SHE turned back to see him lying there in a sea of failure. That would be short-lived as her face would be turned around for her by the leader. Her tears subsided as they walked into the horizon and out of sight.

It would be some time before HE was able to stand to his feet, however, when he did, HE glared across the wasteland and knew that it had been and would forever be his home. A sense of chaotic peace entered his soul, as his eyes turned black and his heart slowed to a nearly non-existent rhythm. Knowing that his battle would one day return, HE made his way across the wasteland, forever carring in his locked core, the pain of a lost love, the pain that would become, Everlasting….