The Last Sunday Of April

Having my three sons on Friday night, left me with a very busy Saturday. My youngest, Ethan & Rylen, had to be up and ready to go with their mother by 8 a.m. and take my oldest, Lynden to a five-hour long, opening day of little league baseball. What an enjoyable day it was to watch his team when both of their games, back to back.


It did leave me with a Saturday night spent alone, with only our cat, Smokey, to keep me company. I was awake for most of the night with a woman on my mind. A woman so intense and so vital to my core that I find myself unable to climb out of bed in the morning without her exploding into my mind. She understands my weird and outlandish ways and knows how the pains in my life feel.


This woman clung to my thoughts throughout the entire picture session. I drove up and down 62 miles of road, thinking to myself that she would love some of these photos and enjoy this time as much as I do. Although it was rather cloudy and drizzling rain throughout the entire 3 1/2 hours, it was a rare chance to catch rising flood waters and take pictures in areas that might very well be, under water by next Sunday.


The trees are now all blooming out and the light green canopy is a beautiful sight after such a long and cold winter. The birds seemed to be resting on ever field flower that was growing wildly, awaiting to be tilled under for Spring planting. The water flowed through the creeks and ditches, creating such soothing sounds of running water. For some reason the sound of flowing creek beds leave me at peace.


I found a wonderful location for this weeks video, however, when I turn on my camera, immediately, the “Low Battery” light came on and it shut down. I guess that means the operator should charge it up every week or so?


All in all it was a great! The temperature was pleasant and view was splendid! It did, however, end on a rather bizarre note though. On my last shot of the day, what was to be a group of pigs looking my way, turned into two pigs, doing something, most of us would get a room to do it in. I laughed so hard when I saw how quickly the scene had changed during the shot!


I wish you all the best until then, Live With Passion!

5 thoughts on “The Last Sunday Of April

  1. I loved this series of photos. I could almost feel the dampness in the air! We also went for a walk today (with our three kiddos) and I was able to capture a bunch of the day with photos! Great post!

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