Just Another Day In Paradise

With the grass growing now, I diverted from my normal Sunday routine after taking my boys home. Instead of grabbing my gear, I grabbed my lawn mower and cut my grass for the first time this year. Have I ever said how much I enjoy cutting the grass. There is something about the look and smell of a fresh-cut lawn!


After cutting the grass, I grabbed my bug killer and went around my home outside. It was right there and I figured, “Hey, why not real quick?” I took care of that and with the fact that my dishes were already finished. I rounded up the usual suspects (a.k.a. my gear) and took off for the eastern part of the county.


There has been some rain lately and the creeks and rivers have begun to rises, quite a lot, making for some great shots! One road, in particular, runs along the Wabash River, and was completely underwater.


It was a great day, weather wise however! I managed to finish up the remainder of Allison Township and make my way south of US 50! I managed to spend four hours out and logged 63 miles driven! All of that within a 30 square mile area!


I have to say that I got my umpteenth agent rejection today. I find it funny that every letter seems to end in the same fashion. They always say, “This is a very subjective decision, another agent may feel differently, but thank you for considering  us.” Subjective? or just BS? The world may never know.


To end this day, the most unexpected event happen that caught me off guard. As a result, I find myself looking up and asking my God, “Why do you take away from me, only to turn around some time later and give right back?” The heart is a network of emotion and it is those emotions that drive us to believe in this crazy thing called life.


To quote a song verse from a Matchbox 20 song, “How do we get it back 2 good?” Live With Passion!

Here is the great video from today! I hope you enjoy it!

This video doesn’t exist

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