It’s Just Another Super Sunday

As my vacation from my paying job ends and I must return to it, I look back on a good vacation. On Thursday, I took my Grandmother 40 miles, into the middle of nowhere, to eat some great food and take a small step back in time. Sitting on an old, wooden bench, eating an old-fashioned cheeseburger with her is a memory I will never forget.


Friday came with a labor of love. I began building my sons a playhouse / swing set from scratch, no plans just ideas! By the end of that day, I had the slide on and got excited to see what they would think with what I had thus far. I watched them overnight and the expressions the next day said it all! I think it is funny how we might tell ourselves we don’t need that or buy this, but when it is for our kids, we get done!?


Now Saturday came with Lynden and I heading to the local park for a Webelos / Boy Scout campout. To be honest, it turn into a great time and it seemed as though everyone involved, enjoyed it very much. Sometimes, I believe that sometimes children just need to be kids and enjoy honest fun that is not generated by something with a cord or batteries, but, that is just one writers feeling.


After and comfortable night, out, under the stars, Lynden and I returned home for welcomed showers and rest. After a while, I grabbed the usual gear and tossed them into the Jimmy and headed out-of-town to take Lynden back to his mother. I then made my way, shortly north, and took in 43 great shots in the warm and very breezy day. Many, of which, came from the seat of my Jimmy.


On this assignment, I headed out for four hours and covered 80 miles inside of a 30 square mile area. The sun was great, the wind, though strong at times, was warm and refreshing, and, it was another day to be thankful for being able to roll the windows down and take it all in. So, as I remind myself that my paycheck job will not be forever and that my dreams will come true, I share these shots with you and hope you too will Live With Passion! 🙂

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