When It’s Broke, Fix It

As my 34th birthday closes in on its final hour, I have been at my desk for several hours writing and rewriting a new query for Barney & Lexi. I have been told many times over that my weakness is not in the telling of my stories but rather my inability to write an effective query letter. So, after a couple of hours, I have decided to hold my breath and share some of it.


“A dog that will not learn. A cat that will not compromise. A lasting friendship, forged out of dire circumstances.”

“Dangerously dim-witted Barney and profoundly pampered Lexi could only share but one common element in their contradistinctive lives, that, of having the same owners. A distinction that would be forever changed one summer morning.”

“Betrayed by her better judgement, Lexi becomes embroiled in the journey of a lifetime, following Barney out of their quaint, postage stamped sized yard and becoming astray in the sleepy town of Lawrenceville.”

“With sudden dangers at every turn and precious daylight depleting, Barney is bound to Lexi’s imperative determination to return home, all the while, Lexi is dependant upon Barney’s effervescent optimism, as each step through town could possibly be a step towards home! What begins in the strife of two divergent strangers becomes a discovery of a veracious friendship.”


Live With Passion!

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