A Beautiful Day

I have never been a fan of winter. I enjoy the season, as it adds to the feeling of the holiday season, however, once the season ends on January 2nd, I am ready for at least 60* weather and bright, sunny skies. Today, I had just that very day!


I have to say, seeing the sight of dust left behind my Jimmy was welcome beyond understanding. I will dread the dust this summer, once a drought sets in, today is not the case however. To roll down my windows and feel the country breeze blow through the cab has been missed for some time now.


I stopped alongside the road, put my Jimmy in park and closed my eyes. The smell and the feel was amazing! Isn’t it amazing how sounds and smells can be turned into such a calming sensation?


After a wonder couple of days spent visiting my mother and having a great weekend with my sons, it is wrapped up with some great shots and some amazing memories.


I admit to cutting this short. I promised a Wrestlemainia for Lynden and plan to sit and enjoy an evening with him. Tomorrow, I begin my week of vacation from my (paycheck) job! I hope to make it one to remember!


Live With Passion!!



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