A Happy Easter


To say that I enjoy watching my three sons hunt Easter eggs is an understatement! They seem to hunt as fast as they can, so that when they are finished, they can begin dividing up their loot! After having an awesome lunch with family, my sons did just that, and made out very well to boot. The weather could not have been better and the memories we made will never be forgotten!


This is the first Easter without my brother Rick, and although I miss him terribly, I believe that he is in a better place and that he watched the days activities with a smile! Happy Easter, little brother!


After taking my sons home, I did the exact same routine as I did one year ago. I cleaned up a toy infested home, washed my dishes and with map, highlighter, camera and keys in hand, I made my way north for three hours of shots.


I admit that one week ago the weather was much different and made for a much slower session than today. Instead of a beautiful snowfall and 20 something degrees, I was met with a beautiful sunshine and near 50 degrees! My cleaning took slightly long, making for a later beginning time (meaning the sun cast my shadow in my photos directions) but I managed three great hours! This is the first trek this year that I did not have to wear my heavy coat, which was a plus as far as being able to move easier, and I even cracked the window slightly, to feel a soft breeze.


I say this often in my blog, but, it seems that no matter what stress I might be feeling that day disappears when I am out in the nature. There is something very calming about getting back to what is simple and honest, and capturing those moments to always remember! I always return to town with a different feeling about the everyday hustle and bustle, perhaps it is the moment of time gone by reaching into my present. I am not sure, however, it is very welcomed every time.


As I begin this week, I have to keep in mind that I only have to muster through this one final time before heading into my first vacation. I am looking forward to it and look to add some great shots in that week. However, I have one week to go and have to remember my own advice, Live With Passion. I hope you had a wonderful Easter!


P.S. The Barney & Lexi edit was sent to an agent, so fingers crossed!:)

6 thoughts on “A Happy Easter

  1. I hope you had a wonderful day – so nice to be out and about after a long winter I’m sure. We enjoyed planting some small perennials and looking out over the beautiful view from my mum’s place this morning. I’m sorry to read about your brother Rick here. That must be very hard. A reminder for us to do as you say and live with passion. Take care and good luck with the next book!

    • I am sure it was great day for planting flowers where you are! I am glad to see that this winter is almost behind us, I do not handle the cold as well as the heat. My brother passed away last Thanksgiving and although I miss him dearly, he was at peace before hand, so, I am smiling for him! He told me that I inspired him and I try my best to live up to that. Thank you so very much for reading again, I appreciate it more than you will know. Have a great day!!

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