Our Picture

On a dark day like any other, SHE wages a war. A war on ‘their kind’, who threaten to take what remains of the last shred of hope, SHE holds dear, which is buried deep in the confines of her heart. Surrounded by a darkness that most of ‘their kind’ would much rather escape from than conquer. SHE is a determined warrior, hell-bent on her own salvation at any expense. With her outlook turned very much sour and a lock and key around her core, SHE fights alone in a world of complete ruin.

It is in that ruin that SHE meets him. At first glance, SHE is caught completely off  guard by his nature. HE is one of them, ‘their kind, yet without any acknowledgement SHE  can not ignore the very present fact that there is something new about him. An essence that SHE recognizes, one that SHE has not seen in ‘their kind’ reaching back as far as SHE can ever recall. However, HE is still ‘their kind’, a master at deception and core breaker if SHE ever saw one!

Upon their encounter, SHE unknowingly finds herself caught up in a chaotic whirlwind of emotion. So much that, if only for a moment, her core is left unguarded and vulnerable to attack. With natural resolve, SHE fortifies herself and stands ground for an attack for the ages, but no attack comes from him. SHE is concerned greatly, yet all the while, intrigued, why HE is not like the others, at least on the surface. It is this intrigue, that forces her, very much ready for battle, to slowly back away and out of his sight, disappearing from what might have been.

In her darkness, SHE deals with the pain, left behind from previous battles with ‘their kind’. Wounded, yet determined to heal, SHE wonders about him. HE seemed to know so much about her pain and the darkness that SHE lived in everyday? But how? ‘their kind’ had not heart, they ruled and conquered, never did they feel any pain, let alone acknowledge it! With a battle looming in another direction, SHE finds herself returning to the same battlefield to find him still standing where she had left him.

It is not possible, SHE thought, ‘their kind’ does not wait, why does HE? SHE stands before him, grimacing, ever so slightly from the blade that remained in her back from her last battle. Though quite painful, not even the sharpness of her aggravated torso could compete with her wonder of this unknown figure who was looking into her eyes. SHE feared the unknown as much as, surprisingly, SHE embraced it! The question remained, “What made him different.”

On a bleak and barren day, like any other, the sound of rock crushing below his feet could be heard as HE walked through the wasteland, that HE had come to call home. HE had wondered into this wasteland after scarcely surviving a battle with ‘their kind’. A warrior who clung to the slimmest of hope for his own salvation from ‘their kind’, who was known for their incredible ability to deceive their way into his core, in attempts of obliterating it from existence.

Surrounded by a darkness that often devalued his core to the point that HE would be able to escape most battles, He would survive barely, however, being left with scares that never seemed to heal themselves over. With his outlook bleak and breath of hope, combined with his core hidden so deep that no other could find its location, HE had set his mind to wander his wasteland until his time was finished.

It was in this wasteland that HE met her. At first glance, HE was mesmerized by the look in her eyes. For behind those eyes stood the very destruction HE, himself, had witnessed, on more than one occasion! Knowing, ‘their kind’ all too well, HE could not believe what he saw behind those eyes. Still, SHE had a way about her essence. SHE did not hold her poise like ‘their kind’ did, and there was a feeling that rushed through his core that HE had not felt in his life as far back as he could recall.

HE stands before her, ready for an attack for the ages. That battle does not find its way in between them, however. This is not like ‘their kind’, he thought to himself. ‘Their kind” attack immediately, why does SHE stand, looking into his eyes? As she slowly pulls away, into the darkness, HE finds himself in an unfamiliar state of mind, one HE had only dreamt about in days past. For the first time, HE secretly has no idea of a direction of travel and for the longest time remains where HE stood when HE first saw her.

HE closes his eyes and wonders about her. Why was SHE so different from the others? From the darkness, HE hears a step towards him. HE opens his eyes and sees her.

Standing face to face, it was clear to both warriors, that neither would harm the other, although that assumption came at a highly guarded price. He notices her grimace and recognizes her pain. HE slowly makes his way around to her back and notices the blade that had long been lodged within her. With a look of concern upon her face, HE placed his hand on the blade and began to pull with all of his might. SHE began to scream in pain as HE began to take what hurt her most, from her core. Then suddenly, a burst of light raced through her blood, like that she had never felt, SHE was overwhelmed at this sensation.

It is with a slight smirk of agony, that SHE realizes why HE is different from ‘their kind’. SHE knows that pain. SHE then placed her hand gently on his shoulder and made her way around to his back. It was their that SHE saw a blade that had clearly been thrust into his core long before SHE saw him. With a look of worry upon his face, SHE placed her hands on the blade and pulled with all of her might. HE screamed in agony as she removed what had hurt him for so very long. It was at that moment a rush coursed through his veins, to the likes that he had only heard about in myth.

Facing each other, they compare the blades, to find they are alike, leaving the same scares and causing the same pain. Looking into one another’s eyes, SHE & HE realize that they have found the only other who can be trusted with their cores! Suddenly, the sounds of her battle approaches, SHE takes her blade from his hand and places his into it. Turning to face her battle, SHE stands ready to fight this battle alone. From behind her, the sound of his battle, discovering his location, approached. HE grips his blade and prepares for attack.

In unison, SHE & HE wrested into one another. With their backs against the other, both expose a slight grin upon their faces, knowing that the battle against ‘their kind’ would no longer be fought alone. The battles would be fought together… into the evermore!

The Last Sunday Of April

Having my three sons on Friday night, left me with a very busy Saturday. My youngest, Ethan & Rylen, had to be up and ready to go with their mother by 8 a.m. and take my oldest, Lynden to a five-hour long, opening day of little league baseball. What an enjoyable day it was to watch his team when both of their games, back to back.


It did leave me with a Saturday night spent alone, with only our cat, Smokey, to keep me company. I was awake for most of the night with a woman on my mind. A woman so intense and so vital to my core that I find myself unable to climb out of bed in the morning without her exploding into my mind. She understands my weird and outlandish ways and knows how the pains in my life feel.


This woman clung to my thoughts throughout the entire picture session. I drove up and down 62 miles of road, thinking to myself that she would love some of these photos and enjoy this time as much as I do. Although it was rather cloudy and drizzling rain throughout the entire 3 1/2 hours, it was a rare chance to catch rising flood waters and take pictures in areas that might very well be, under water by next Sunday.


The trees are now all blooming out and the light green canopy is a beautiful sight after such a long and cold winter. The birds seemed to be resting on ever field flower that was growing wildly, awaiting to be tilled under for Spring planting. The water flowed through the creeks and ditches, creating such soothing sounds of running water. For some reason the sound of flowing creek beds leave me at peace.


I found a wonderful location for this weeks video, however, when I turn on my camera, immediately, the “Low Battery” light came on and it shut down. I guess that means the operator should charge it up every week or so?


All in all it was a great! The temperature was pleasant and view was splendid! It did, however, end on a rather bizarre note though. On my last shot of the day, what was to be a group of pigs looking my way, turned into two pigs, doing something, most of us would get a room to do it in. I laughed so hard when I saw how quickly the scene had changed during the shot!


I wish you all the best until then, Live With Passion!

Just Another Day In Paradise

With the grass growing now, I diverted from my normal Sunday routine after taking my boys home. Instead of grabbing my gear, I grabbed my lawn mower and cut my grass for the first time this year. Have I ever said how much I enjoy cutting the grass. There is something about the look and smell of a fresh-cut lawn!


After cutting the grass, I grabbed my bug killer and went around my home outside. It was right there and I figured, “Hey, why not real quick?” I took care of that and with the fact that my dishes were already finished. I rounded up the usual suspects (a.k.a. my gear) and took off for the eastern part of the county.


There has been some rain lately and the creeks and rivers have begun to rises, quite a lot, making for some great shots! One road, in particular, runs along the Wabash River, and was completely underwater.


It was a great day, weather wise however! I managed to finish up the remainder of Allison Township and make my way south of US 50! I managed to spend four hours out and logged 63 miles driven! All of that within a 30 square mile area!


I have to say that I got my umpteenth agent rejection today. I find it funny that every letter seems to end in the same fashion. They always say, “This is a very subjective decision, another agent may feel differently, but thank you for considering  us.” Subjective? or just BS? The world may never know.


To end this day, the most unexpected event happen that caught me off guard. As a result, I find myself looking up and asking my God, “Why do you take away from me, only to turn around some time later and give right back?” The heart is a network of emotion and it is those emotions that drive us to believe in this crazy thing called life.


To quote a song verse from a Matchbox 20 song, “How do we get it back 2 good?” Live With Passion!

Here is the great video from today! I hope you enjoy it!

This video doesn’t exist

Sunday Sounds

Today’s video, I hope you enjoy this short one, it was very windy and I had to stop.

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It’s Just Another Super Sunday

As my vacation from my paying job ends and I must return to it, I look back on a good vacation. On Thursday, I took my Grandmother 40 miles, into the middle of nowhere, to eat some great food and take a small step back in time. Sitting on an old, wooden bench, eating an old-fashioned cheeseburger with her is a memory I will never forget.


Friday came with a labor of love. I began building my sons a playhouse / swing set from scratch, no plans just ideas! By the end of that day, I had the slide on and got excited to see what they would think with what I had thus far. I watched them overnight and the expressions the next day said it all! I think it is funny how we might tell ourselves we don’t need that or buy this, but when it is for our kids, we get done!?


Now Saturday came with Lynden and I heading to the local park for a Webelos / Boy Scout campout. To be honest, it turn into a great time and it seemed as though everyone involved, enjoyed it very much. Sometimes, I believe that sometimes children just need to be kids and enjoy honest fun that is not generated by something with a cord or batteries, but, that is just one writers feeling.


After and comfortable night, out, under the stars, Lynden and I returned home for welcomed showers and rest. After a while, I grabbed the usual gear and tossed them into the Jimmy and headed out-of-town to take Lynden back to his mother. I then made my way, shortly north, and took in 43 great shots in the warm and very breezy day. Many, of which, came from the seat of my Jimmy.


On this assignment, I headed out for four hours and covered 80 miles inside of a 30 square mile area. The sun was great, the wind, though strong at times, was warm and refreshing, and, it was another day to be thankful for being able to roll the windows down and take it all in. So, as I remind myself that my paycheck job will not be forever and that my dreams will come true, I share these shots with you and hope you too will Live With Passion! 🙂