Snow Days


To begin the my day, my one month old filling fell out in the sink, while I was brushing my teeth. I chased it around and stopped it before it went down the drain. It is a strange sensation to feel an empty spot all day long to be honest. I placed it inside of a Zip Lock bag to take with me to the dentist tomorrow, if he can fit me in. Truthfully however, although I am going to take it with me to show him, there is really nothing he can do with that one, but still, I shall take it with me.


Ethan & Rylen spent the night with me and I must have spent half of it putting together Thomas The Train playsets, they are growing in numbers in my house! After brushing our teeth and cleaning our ears, I took them back to their mother as a light rain began to fall.


I am no stranger to the rain and was fine with the first weekend of Spring being just as clouded and rainy as half of my Winter shots had been. I went inside, did my dishes, pickup all of the Thomas playsets, ran the sweeper (who created that statement for vacuuming the floor anyway?) and gathered my material for pictures. When I opened the door the ground was snow-white and a soft, gentle snow fell, carelessly through the air. I could not wait to head north (the place I had stopped in the Spring of 2012) and take some great shots in the snowfall.


I must admit that it was a rather slick drive up Illinois Route 1 to my area. Slush was everywhere, but, it made things a bit more exciting! As I turned onto the county line road, I switched off the radio and slowed to a 15 m.p.h pace, sure enough, it was not two minutes and I stopped for my first picture. Snow can make any enviroment different, what i might drive by a couple of times in the year and see nothing, I can drive by during or after a snow and see something beautiful right off the bat!


I love how the snow can hang onto the smallest branches and turn them into a splendid picture of mother nature at her best. Today the snow seemed to cling to everything it touched, making for a visually stunning landscape. It also made the local deer population highly visible, to which I saw many a deer out, traveling in the elements.


The sounds today were amazing! There is nothing like the sound of water rushing through a creek or under a bridge! Some of the snow flakes were large enough, that when they hit the water, you could actually hear it. One instance, I took my photo then leaned against my Jimmy and closed my eyes. To hear nothing for miles around but the simple sound of water flowing is like nothing on earth and can be so relaxing.


Speaking of my Jimmy, the weather had turned it from a freshly washed and shining mode of transportation, into a filthy road warrior. My leaning against it was within the first 10 minutes of todays trek. By days end, I was careful when climbing in and out of it!


As the day ended, I was asked, back in town at the photo shop, if I had thought of telling the tale of my trek across Lawrence County to news papers. I answered the woman who developed my pictures that I have made the local papers but nothing larger than that? As a writer, I try repeatedly to get my creations into the big market, but never have I thought much, if anything, about my picture book. She asked me how many people did I know that was doing something like this. I answered back that none that I had known of. She bet me that larger papers would enjoy a story about me traveling every road in Lawrence County on four separate treks. Would they? I figure loads of people have done or are doing the same thing?


I need to return to the Barney & Lexi edit review, so I bid you a good night after posting today videos! Remember, Live With Passion!

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