The Barney & Lexi Edit



Tonight, I sat down to read my emails and had one from Carol, my editor on Barney & Lexi: Lost In Lawrenceville. She has finished her initial edit of my book and is returning it to me for my run through and approval or corrections. That is great news to begin with! I can’t wait to sit down and read through it! This is a large step towards it be a polished issue.

I was very happy then, but, the last sentence was the best of all! My editor, who is a well-respected individual in the world of her craft and has gone to school for her work, wrote some words that made me smile like I haven’t in a while, and I have to say, that smile is me and felt darn great! What was the sentence?




This author is so very grateful to hear this tonight! I am also so grateful for you being there! It is great to have you to talk to!! LIVE WITH PASSION!

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