Task At Hand

Back in the saddle to the end...


Tonight, I sit down at my desk after some time and begin the task of piecing together the scene for Kelmare’s home. I know exactly what will happen to lead Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena into the conflict, but somehow, must piece this scene together in the right fashion to make a smooth lead in to that. The conversation at Kelmare’s must be more about their meeting and not the conflict to be at hand. The children are too far in awe at this junction to even consider introducing the conflict right now. I believe they will have to return to Spyderia on their second visit to be more calmed and focused, then and only then are they ready for discovery and eventual plight!


Honestly, everyday away from The Boondock Kids is only in the physical sense. I think about Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena all day while at my paying job. Although I still struggle with a handful of emotionally tugging issues personally, I am just not me without the written word in front of me. Not to mention that TBK are tapping their feet, just waiting for me to carry on, and that is what I am going to do. It might only be a small step at a time, but, I know I’ll get there! I do hope to work this scene out by tomorrow night and am able to continue to fight the ‘good’ fight!

As for Barney & Lexi, I got the manuscript and serivce fee packaged up and sent off for a editing overhaul! When it comes back in a couple of weeks it will be a polished piece of literature and ready for another stab at the angency to had past after liking it. No pain, no gain, right? I’m looking forward to working with the editor next week!

Live With Passion!:)

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