The Last Section Before Spring


With next week brining the beginning of Spring, today’s shoot ment the last trip on the Winter map until this December. To say the least, this Winter has been the hardest one to snap shots in. However, some wonderful photographs have come out of this season, and as it draws to a close this week, I admit, whole heartedly, to yerning for warmer weather!


Today was especially memorable! My oldest son, Lynden, joined me again for some shots in the drizzle of Winter. I always enjoy Lynden riding along! He likes to grab his own camera, jump out and snap some photos of his own. He has said that he would like to also publish a picture book. With his natural ability at catching great snap shots, I encourage him to do just that!:) He is a Webelos Scout and, last month, earned the “Photography Beltloop” for some of his Winter pictures, I could not be more proud!


After a weekend visit from my mother and taking Ethan & Rylen home, Lynden and I made our way to the gas station and snatched up some 32 oz. fountain drinks and made our way just outside of town for two and a half hours of some very good photos! Although it was an overcast, drizzly day, we called it just early due to a particular section being complete.


We could have begun the smaller sliver to the west that remained, however, that would have ment driving 12 miles to the farthest end of Lawrence County, only to end up with a few more minutes of day time remaining to shoot. The rain began steadily then, as well and we agree that we had finished on a very solid note, thus, we called it a winter!


The most excitement came, near the end of our day, when a very deserted, and muddy, county road came calling! We splashed through large mud puddles and even turned on the four-wheel drive to make it through. I asked Lynden when we had reached the end and were back on the black top road if he wanted to go back for our final shots or, take the black top to the final routes. His reply?? “The mud road, definitely” Needless to say, the Jimmy is being given the biggest bath in the rain since I have own him!


Although my Jimmy was caked with mud and Lynden and I got our jeans muddy by climbing in and out, we had the cleanest fun a father and son could have!:) And so to “Old Man Winter”, I bid you a warm farewell and must admit that I am happy to not see you until December!


Live With Passion!

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