On The Far Side Of Failure


I’m on my back, I hear the official counting to ten. When he begins, I start thinking, “I’m done, that’s it, there’s no more left in the tank”. Then he gets to five and I start thinking, “It is such a shame I had so many dreams”. Then around seven I begin hearing a voice ask “Are you really gonna quit? Can you really do it?” Then I hear “NINE”, I think it is at that moment, a decision is made!


See, when faced with the ultimate decision, we make the ultimate answer. It is at “NINE” that I hear the Kevin Costner phrase from the film Tin Cup: “You Define The Moment, Or, The Moment Defines You!” I put my faith in my God and grab that top rope and behold, I am on my feet by ten! I have every right to be lonely, lol, after two years who wouldn’t be right? I have the right to be sad, AND happy. But, I have a responsiblity to stand for what I believe in and at my “NINE”, I will do just that! It is like country singer, Aaron Tippen once said, “You’ve Got To Stand For Something!”


I have emotionally struggled with the loss of my brother and so many times, I’ve cried, knowing that what is done is final and that no one can change that! Through my tears, I hear him saying, “I just want you to know, you inspire me!” That’s the “good stuff” in live and it is that type of feeling, that is my proverbial “coal in the firebox” for me!


With the weather turning for the warmer this weekend, I longed to grab my Kodak EasyShare camera, my map, my highlighter, my video recorder and of course, my RC Cola, and keep this project on track! Although it was a cloudy day, (oh god, I am so sick of Winter’s cloudy days), I headed south and began taking some amazing shots!


Sometimes my Jimmy just needs to get out in the mud and not be afraid to get a little of it on the tires! As this Winter draws to a close this month, I wish it a fond farewell, but plan on squeezing out all of the good shots I can next Sunday!


You’ll notice that my blog looks different! I am finding enough success  that I was able to become a “Business Bundle” WordPress blogger and have set up my design that I think is absolutely awesome and me! I will also have videos from the field posted now as well, in fact some will follow this post, hopefully, I still have to see how that all works!


I want to end by saying, the fact that you take the time to read this, is not a thought that I take lightly! It means a great deal that you give up a few seconds of your day to read this crazy adventure called “Chasing Dreams”! If you did not read and reply, it would be, in part, for nothing! So, a big THANK YOU to YOU!! I will see you on the far side of failure!



4 thoughts on “On The Far Side Of Failure

    • Yes, it is amazing how a particular angle can change the entire look and feel of a photograph! Thank you for reading!!

      • Hi LB – Had a bit of a topple off my son’s new bike about a month ago. Car pulled out of a driveway and over the bonnet I went. Luckily all in slow motion and I was perfectly fine – a bit bruised and battered – but not really the way to get better acquainted with the footpath (sidewalk). I’m yet to get back on the bike though which is probably a bad thing.

      • I am glad to hear that no one was hurt too badly! I am afraid some folks do a poor job of observation!

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