Great Days, Wonderful Memories & A Rush!

Well, after one busy week and weekend, it has drawn to a close. Between work, my boys, Cub Scouts, pictures & laundry, this writer is worn out! What a great day it was though. I had half of it with my mother and my boys! Did you know that the McDonald’s fish bites are amazing!?


Today was nice enough that I did not need my coat on every time I climbed out of my Jimmy. I like standing in the sun for a time, closing my eyes and enjoying the moment I have been given! That is hard for me to do when the wind chill is some times near zero, lol.


Today I enjoyed the light as it hit so many of the trees and ponds! Light is such a great thing and makes so many of my shots worthwhile! The shadows and the ripples in the creek water is sometimes quite stunning.


I have to be honest, my mind has been preoccupied this week. I have let a few things slip and that is because my brain is somewhat dangled right now. That is a great thing though! One feeling in particular is one that I have never felt before but have always wanted to! It is a crazy situation when a new part of your mind begins to fire,lol.


This is short but I feel like I have been slacking here and wanted to share these pictures with you! Thank you so very much for reading, it does mean a lot! Live With Passion!


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