Basking In The Day


What a day! Here in southern Illinois the temperature climbed into the upper fifties and it felt like Spring! All day at my work I took moments to simply stand in the sun, close my eyes and soak up every wonderful ray possible! It made the work day so much more enjoyable, well, as much as it could be, LOL. When the day was through, I jumped into my Jimmy, raced home, changed into my running clothes and grabbed Rascal (Lynden’s dog) and around several blocks we went! Up the street with her tail wagging, Rascal was as joyous as she could be, having not been on a walk in a couple of months, she made sure to keep me moving as well. I then decided that I wanted to go for a run after dinner, since I had not done so since the weather had turn sour in mid November. I ate some dinner, and then realized that I was hearing rain drop on the rooftop! I opened my front door to find that it was, in fact raining! Needless to say, I shut my door and locked it for the night. Perhaps the morning will be more favorable!

I also am excited about what is in the works over the next couple of weeks! First off, this site will become Pro within the next week or two, and then it will have a fresh look again and will have video posts and links added to it, making it more interactive and fun to watch and read! I had long been talking about a YouTube page, however, I have been doing some thinking and might consider leaving all of my content on this blog.

Barney & Lexi will be off in the next couple of weeks to the editors for an editorial tune up and then they will be off to some agents who had previously showed interest. I figure if I want an agent, I need to put some back into it and fork over some bucks to make it spectacular! It is going to cost but the two of them deserve to be polished and sitting on a bookshelf!

Soon Marky, Slash & Levy’s publishing rights will be turned back over to me and I will then use Amazon to publish my works in soft cover form as well as Kindle e-books! I will also be advertising my author page on Facebook (, fingers crossed on that. I recently talked to my illustrator and he will soon begin on some character art and putting together the Imaginary Fox Inc. logo! It is going to be a busy end to February and beginning of March, and that is thanks all in part to my God!

I want to end by saying thank you so very much for reading! As this page draws near 7,000 views, please know that the kind words, (and sometimes not so kind) are always welcomed! Remember to Live With Passion!!

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