A Structure Of Deception

Kelmare's Chimney

As Kelmare leads Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena to the mouth of the dried up, cobblestone river bed, they are met by a large gathering of trees that are growing rather close to one another, forming a nearly three-quarter completed wall around a massive formation of roots from the ground. This formation makes almost a perfect, semi-circle hut, with an opening at the front, which is covered by a thick, wooden door and large black hinges holding it into place. On both the left and the right sit windows with wooden shutters that are partially open to let in the daylight. At the top of the conglomeration of roots sat a red brick chimney that had been somewhat poorly constructed and released puffy, grey smoke into the leaves of the tall trees overhead.

Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena climb out of the cobblestone river bed and stand in front of Kelmare’s dwelling in amazement, partly from the beauty of the intricately woven roots forming a water tight structure and partly because it seemed somewhat smaller than what would comfortably suit Kelmare. When he invites the four friends into his dwelling, There is some concern about them all fitting into it comfortably.

“Will we all fit inside?” Louis asks.

When Kelmare opens the door and they enter, they find a living area four times greater than that of what the outside appearance led to believe. The children stand in awe of this warping of their common understanding of reality, as this was not possible back in their home of Red Hill.

“How is this possible!?” a wide-eyed asked.

“With simple Deceptionary Magic, nothing more,” Kelmare answered with a smile.

After a great night at my church, I feel so great about what I have in my writing and am so very thankful for it! To have Marky, Slash, Levy, Barney, Lexi, Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena I though my thanks up above. Now that is my belief, and is not met to influence in any way. No matter what belief you might have, isn’t it great to have something and get your heart to it!?

I want to thank you so very much for taking the time to read my babble and I hope you will Live With Passion!

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