1/4 Done With TBK

You know, I never get used to the completion of a book and, in just the same fashion, the quarter, half and three-quarter milestone also has so much meaning. As the ending means that I have finished the race and beat the odds, the

Five books by age 32!

Five books by age 32!

quarter-mile marker symbolizes to me, that I am committed! It means that, again, I should be committed for staying up until the early morning hours plugins away! It now marks the seventh time I have reached that achievement. Though passive to most, it means the world to me.

50 pages in means that I have, unquestionably, falling in love with Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena! That’s the most wonderful thing about being a writer, you get the option of creating what you want and no one is there to tell you otherwise! I am so thankful to my God for allowing me the chance to be a writer and make little faces smile from my work!

Whether you’re a writer, a teacher, a doctor or anything else out there in this world, just don’t give up. Even when I have my “Monthly Rock Bottom”, I NEVER QUIT! Love what you do and shy away from those who put you down and the things that hold you back! Even as I sit here tonight at my desk, broke and having no clue how I am going to drive until Friday, I am thankful for this life and the chance to sit here and pound out crazy worlds day in and day out!

LOL, I hope that made sense to you, because it does to me! I want to finish with a quote from a famous athelete….LIVE WITH PASSION!



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