Kelmare’s Home

“This way, come”, Kelmare said, calmly waving his arm forward. “Not far.”

Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena followed Kelmare through the Eldenthorn Forest, climbing over and under large roots, scaling hills and sliding down slopes. Next, they would come to a river of sparkling blue water. This river had no way across except that of a gigantic root that stretched out of the ground and arched its way over the river. Kelmare began to climb the root and make his way over the river with little ease. Mario followed, right after him was Sindy, then Cristena and lastly, who had a slight concern over crossing the river. However, the beauty of the water  could not be resisted from view of everyone. Even Kelmare watched as the water flowed beneath him.

“Look at it, it is so pretty,” Sindy said, turning her head back to Cristena.

“It is so blue and clear,” Cristena added. “I’ve never seen anything like it before!”

Being boys, Mario and Louis did not see it as something pretty, but did see that it was somewhat of a strange-looking river, although they could not put their fingers on exactly why.

“Kelmare, I have a question,” Louis said politely.

“Then by all means ask it, dear friend,” replied Kelmare, without looking back.

“Why does the water appear to have bubbles in it?” Louis asked, noting that the water have scores of bubbles blowing up and popping everywhere.

“Oh,” Kelmare began. “This is the Tymes River. It is the hottest river in Spyderia. The bubble is from it reaching its boiling stage. Do be careful, although there is very much room to cross safely. I am afraid that the Tymes would take you almost immediately by scalding .

Mario and Louis look down to the boiling river and are immediately glad that there is plenty of room to cross on the large river root. Suddenly, for Sindy and Cristena the Tymes River, no longer appeared as beautiful after learning it’s scalding outcome, should anyone fall. Carefully, however, everyone crossed slowly and made it to the other side. They followed a small cobblestone stream bed that had long been empty and made their way to the home of Kelmare.

Live With Passion!!

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