The Open Invitation

After assuming that Kelmare will not hurt them. Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena shake hands with him and acknowledge that it is great to meet. He very soon gets excited and startles the four friends, ever so slightly. When Cristena asks him where it was exactly that he live. Kelmare points just over the hill behind himself.

The four banded together and questioned the motive and the safety of one another and, at first, remainder skeptical. However, all of the children can tell by his personality and body language that he would take care of their safety.

Sindy begins to smile and acknowledged the request by shaking her head. Kelmare begins to get excited and points the way.

*As for me, I have spent ten minutes writing this small amount and my eyes are so very tired now that I must have misspelled these words 15 times in a matter of minutes. I am so very happy today, it is Ethan’s birthday and my little monkey turns five! I took him out to eat after getting a haircut and buying him some toys. It was a great evening to share with my son just him and I for a change! Happy Birthday buddy, Daddy loves you, lots and lots!!

It is now 12:47 a.m. and I hope to make it to bed before my eyes close shut,LOL.

Live With Passion!

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