Great Days, Wonderful Memories & A Rush!

Well, after one busy week and weekend, it has drawn to a close. Between work, my boys, Cub Scouts, pictures & laundry, this writer is worn out! What a great day it was though. I had half of it with my mother and my boys! Did you know that the McDonald’s fish bites are amazing!?


Today was nice enough that I did not need my coat on every time I climbed out of my Jimmy. I like standing in the sun for a time, closing my eyes and enjoying the moment I have been given! That is hard for me to do when the wind chill is some times near zero, lol.


Today I enjoyed the light as it hit so many of the trees and ponds! Light is such a great thing and makes so many of my shots worthwhile! The shadows and the ripples in the creek water is sometimes quite stunning.


I have to be honest, my mind has been preoccupied this week. I have let a few things slip and that is because my brain is somewhat dangled right now. That is a great thing though! One feeling in particular is one that I have never felt before but have always wanted to! It is a crazy situation when a new part of your mind begins to fire,lol.


This is short but I feel like I have been slacking here and wanted to share these pictures with you! Thank you so very much for reading, it does mean a lot! Live With Passion!


Deceptionary Magic

Kelmare's Fireplace

I can see the looks on the faces of Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena when they step through the door of Kelmare’s home and into such a large and comfortable living area! I decided that tonight I would cut out a small snippet of what I wrote and hope that you will enjoy it. It is very rough right now and won’t be reworked and polished until after I complete it. I do hope your words are kind, but should they not be, write them anyway. I have heard some very crude comments about my style and I must say that it only makes me stronger! Live With Passion!

“Well Louis, I am happy to say that what you see is only the beginning !” noted Kelmare.

Kelmare turned the old and creaky knob and pushed the door open. Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena stepped inside and could not believe their own eyes! Before them was a dwelling that appeared to be three or four times the size of what they had thought. Overhead, the roots of the trees had made a beautiful, water tight ceiling of arches and channels, like nothing that the children had ever seen before. Their was a warm, crackling fire coming from the old, cobble stone fireplace on the right wall that placed the entire area at the perfect room temperature. At the far end was a copper sink with water inside, soaking some dishes. On the left wall was a large bed that rested on an antique rail frame and was covered with a beautiful checkered quilt. An old hardwood floor covered the entire area with a large rug in the center. All in all, this was a very cozy living for being in the middle of a forest.

“This place is beautiful,” Sindy said, stepping into the center of the room and watching the fire sparkle and pop.

“Oh dear me, this is just a modest place we have here,” Kelmare replied graciously.

“This place is bigger than my house,” Louis noted aloud. “I can’t believe it.”

“But how is that possible?” Mario asked, touching the railing of the bed. “From the outside,” he began.

“Ah, yes,” Kelmare interrupted. “From the outside it would seem that our small, tiny, dwelling could, in no fashion, be this large on the inside, correct?”

“Exactly,” Mario replied.

“Well, that is what we in Spyderia like to call, Deceptionary Magic,” Kelmare answered. “You see this magic can twist the very fabric of space and time, and allow a much larger area be compressed inside a much smaller one, like here for example. The moment you walked through that very door over there, you made yourselves part of the magical formula, thus being compressed yourselves into this living area. If you were to step back outside, you would, once again, enter normal space and time and our home would look rather small to you, just as it had before.”

“Magic,” Cristena questioned. “You mean real, honest to goodness magic?” she asked with a smile of excitement upon her face as she dipped her fingers into the sink water.

“Yes, just plain old magic, this is,” Kelmare answered while stoking the fire in the fire-place. “You see in Spyderia, magic is in everything. We would be lost without magic

Have You Ever Seen The Rain?


Well, when I woke up it looked as if mother nature was going to keep me in from my Sunday Sessions. My boys and I woke up to a downpour that showed no signs of slacking off as the noon hour came. I told Lynden (my oldest) that I was probably not going. I have never let a sprinkle or light shower stop me, but a downpour, that is something that might drench my camera and without it there would be no Sunday Sessions. I took my boys home and had prepared to return home and clean my little pad.


By the two o’clock hour, the rain had stopped and I decided that three hours was more than enough to get at least 20 good shots, not to mention cover some more places on my ‘winter’ map. I texted Lynden to ask if he wanted to go, which I knew he would, but it is most polite to ask him so that he will ask his mother before leaving. After thirty minutes with no reply, I made my way to the heart of what, we in Lawrence County call, Lukin Township. I almost instantly had my first shot!


Everywhere I went this afternoon, the sounds of mother nature welcomed me! Whether it was the light drizzle falling down around me, or the remarkable sounds of water flowing through creeks, ditches and even places where water normally did not flow. I often stopped, rolled down my windows, closed my eyes and listened to the sweet sounds of serenity! To say the very least…it was awesome!


The water-soaked, gravel roads ment no dust. Since beginning this assignment over one year ago, I have seen my share of dust, so this is my preference over that, lol! It is interesting to listen to the soaked road as I drive along as compared to the rock hard gravel of the md to late summer. There is just something about this time of year. When old mother nature can’t make up her mind on what she wants, do I want spring, or do I want winter?


The wind was out, only on this trek, it was rather warm and inviting! At one point I leaned against my Jimmy, stuck my hands in my pockets, closed my eyes and took in the sensation of nature. I love a warm breeze, the bright sun light and the sounds of nature on ever occasion I can get to take any of them in!


I want to end by asking a question! I want to know, “Have You Ever Seen The Rain?” Today I did and it was great! Please take care and Live With Passion!

Basking In The Day


What a day! Here in southern Illinois the temperature climbed into the upper fifties and it felt like Spring! All day at my work I took moments to simply stand in the sun, close my eyes and soak up every wonderful ray possible! It made the work day so much more enjoyable, well, as much as it could be, LOL. When the day was through, I jumped into my Jimmy, raced home, changed into my running clothes and grabbed Rascal (Lynden’s dog) and around several blocks we went! Up the street with her tail wagging, Rascal was as joyous as she could be, having not been on a walk in a couple of months, she made sure to keep me moving as well. I then decided that I wanted to go for a run after dinner, since I had not done so since the weather had turn sour in mid November. I ate some dinner, and then realized that I was hearing rain drop on the rooftop! I opened my front door to find that it was, in fact raining! Needless to say, I shut my door and locked it for the night. Perhaps the morning will be more favorable!

I also am excited about what is in the works over the next couple of weeks! First off, this site will become Pro within the next week or two, and then it will have a fresh look again and will have video posts and links added to it, making it more interactive and fun to watch and read! I had long been talking about a YouTube page, however, I have been doing some thinking and might consider leaving all of my content on this blog.

Barney & Lexi will be off in the next couple of weeks to the editors for an editorial tune up and then they will be off to some agents who had previously showed interest. I figure if I want an agent, I need to put some back into it and fork over some bucks to make it spectacular! It is going to cost but the two of them deserve to be polished and sitting on a bookshelf!

Soon Marky, Slash & Levy’s publishing rights will be turned back over to me and I will then use Amazon to publish my works in soft cover form as well as Kindle e-books! I will also be advertising my author page on Facebook (, fingers crossed on that. I recently talked to my illustrator and he will soon begin on some character art and putting together the Imaginary Fox Inc. logo! It is going to be a busy end to February and beginning of March, and that is thanks all in part to my God!

I want to end by saying thank you so very much for reading! As this page draws near 7,000 views, please know that the kind words, (and sometimes not so kind) are always welcomed! Remember to Live With Passion!!

A Structure Of Deception

Kelmare's Chimney

As Kelmare leads Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena to the mouth of the dried up, cobblestone river bed, they are met by a large gathering of trees that are growing rather close to one another, forming a nearly three-quarter completed wall around a massive formation of roots from the ground. This formation makes almost a perfect, semi-circle hut, with an opening at the front, which is covered by a thick, wooden door and large black hinges holding it into place. On both the left and the right sit windows with wooden shutters that are partially open to let in the daylight. At the top of the conglomeration of roots sat a red brick chimney that had been somewhat poorly constructed and released puffy, grey smoke into the leaves of the tall trees overhead.

Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena climb out of the cobblestone river bed and stand in front of Kelmare’s dwelling in amazement, partly from the beauty of the intricately woven roots forming a water tight structure and partly because it seemed somewhat smaller than what would comfortably suit Kelmare. When he invites the four friends into his dwelling, There is some concern about them all fitting into it comfortably.

“Will we all fit inside?” Louis asks.

When Kelmare opens the door and they enter, they find a living area four times greater than that of what the outside appearance led to believe. The children stand in awe of this warping of their common understanding of reality, as this was not possible back in their home of Red Hill.

“How is this possible!?” a wide-eyed asked.

“With simple Deceptionary Magic, nothing more,” Kelmare answered with a smile.

After a great night at my church, I feel so great about what I have in my writing and am so very thankful for it! To have Marky, Slash, Levy, Barney, Lexi, Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena I though my thanks up above. Now that is my belief, and is not met to influence in any way. No matter what belief you might have, isn’t it great to have something and get your heart to it!?

I want to thank you so very much for taking the time to read my babble and I hope you will Live With Passion!

1/4 Done With TBK

You know, I never get used to the completion of a book and, in just the same fashion, the quarter, half and three-quarter milestone also has so much meaning. As the ending means that I have finished the race and beat the odds, the

Five books by age 32!

Five books by age 32!

quarter-mile marker symbolizes to me, that I am committed! It means that, again, I should be committed for staying up until the early morning hours plugins away! It now marks the seventh time I have reached that achievement. Though passive to most, it means the world to me.

50 pages in means that I have, unquestionably, falling in love with Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena! That’s the most wonderful thing about being a writer, you get the option of creating what you want and no one is there to tell you otherwise! I am so thankful to my God for allowing me the chance to be a writer and make little faces smile from my work!

Whether you’re a writer, a teacher, a doctor or anything else out there in this world, just don’t give up. Even when I have my “Monthly Rock Bottom”, I NEVER QUIT! Love what you do and shy away from those who put you down and the things that hold you back! Even as I sit here tonight at my desk, broke and having no clue how I am going to drive until Friday, I am thankful for this life and the chance to sit here and pound out crazy worlds day in and day out!

LOL, I hope that made sense to you, because it does to me! I want to finish with a quote from a famous athelete….LIVE WITH PASSION!



Kelmare’s Home

“This way, come”, Kelmare said, calmly waving his arm forward. “Not far.”

Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena followed Kelmare through the Eldenthorn Forest, climbing over and under large roots, scaling hills and sliding down slopes. Next, they would come to a river of sparkling blue water. This river had no way across except that of a gigantic root that stretched out of the ground and arched its way over the river. Kelmare began to climb the root and make his way over the river with little ease. Mario followed, right after him was Sindy, then Cristena and lastly, who had a slight concern over crossing the river. However, the beauty of the water  could not be resisted from view of everyone. Even Kelmare watched as the water flowed beneath him.

“Look at it, it is so pretty,” Sindy said, turning her head back to Cristena.

“It is so blue and clear,” Cristena added. “I’ve never seen anything like it before!”

Being boys, Mario and Louis did not see it as something pretty, but did see that it was somewhat of a strange-looking river, although they could not put their fingers on exactly why.

“Kelmare, I have a question,” Louis said politely.

“Then by all means ask it, dear friend,” replied Kelmare, without looking back.

“Why does the water appear to have bubbles in it?” Louis asked, noting that the water have scores of bubbles blowing up and popping everywhere.

“Oh,” Kelmare began. “This is the Tymes River. It is the hottest river in Spyderia. The bubble is from it reaching its boiling stage. Do be careful, although there is very much room to cross safely. I am afraid that the Tymes would take you almost immediately by scalding .

Mario and Louis look down to the boiling river and are immediately glad that there is plenty of room to cross on the large river root. Suddenly, for Sindy and Cristena the Tymes River, no longer appeared as beautiful after learning it’s scalding outcome, should anyone fall. Carefully, however, everyone crossed slowly and made it to the other side. They followed a small cobblestone stream bed that had long been empty and made their way to the home of Kelmare.

Live With Passion!!

The Open Invitation

After assuming that Kelmare will not hurt them. Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena shake hands with him and acknowledge that it is great to meet. He very soon gets excited and startles the four friends, ever so slightly. When Cristena asks him where it was exactly that he live. Kelmare points just over the hill behind himself.

The four banded together and questioned the motive and the safety of one another and, at first, remainder skeptical. However, all of the children can tell by his personality and body language that he would take care of their safety.

Sindy begins to smile and acknowledged the request by shaking her head. Kelmare begins to get excited and points the way.

*As for me, I have spent ten minutes writing this small amount and my eyes are so very tired now that I must have misspelled these words 15 times in a matter of minutes. I am so very happy today, it is Ethan’s birthday and my little monkey turns five! I took him out to eat after getting a haircut and buying him some toys. It was a great evening to share with my son just him and I for a change! Happy Birthday buddy, Daddy loves you, lots and lots!!

It is now 12:47 a.m. and I hope to make it to bed before my eyes close shut,LOL.

Live With Passion!