A New Friend?

As a large storm approaches my hometown from the west, I am going to have to stop writing early tonight but I did finish another page of The Boondock Kids, so, that is great! Tonight was a cub scout planning meeting for our annual banquet held in February, so, it was off to the meeting and then two hours later, home to cook two very delicious cheeseburgers, before sitting down for the evening to see how TBK react to Kelmare!

Kelmare at first is curious if Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena are, in fact, human as he had thought. When they confirm that they are, Kelmare begins to dance with joy. That is until Cristena asks where they are. Kelmare then explains that the four friends are in Spyderia and that it has been many, many years since the last human ever came through the Doors of Eldenthorn.

Realizing that they were in another world and the fact that Kelmare had made no attempt to harm them, they reach out their hands and shake with their very new, possible friend!

Well, wind is beginning to howl, time to shut it down for the night to save my computer!

Live With Passion!!