The Rainy Day


The time was 2:15p.m. and the rain was slowly hitting the roof of my porch going, clink clink clink. I had dropped my sons off, swept my house and done my dishes. Although the rain came down, it has been a couple of weekends since last heading out into the wild blue (or in today’s case, gray) yonder.  I grabbed my map, my highlighter, camera and keys and made my way out.


Instead of my RC Cola, today I went for the 32 oz. coke from the fountain. It makes me take more restroom breaks but lasts almost the entire trek.


Today was rather bleak, weather wise, it was very cloudy and helped the evening sky make its way in much more quickly. It was cold enough however, that several of the creeks in todays area were lined with white ice that made for some great shots! This type of forecast changes how everything looks compared to bright and sunny days. What once looked average or “so so” looks amazing and deserves to be snapped. Funny how the weather can help you decided what to take and what not to take.


Having my radiator replaced ment for a worry free drive this evening. The last time, during the large snow, Lynden and I almost overheated the Jimmy and had to refill it. I pulled the money together and replaced my radiator myself, saving a couple hundred bucks. My Jimmy ran so smooth and cool, what a relaxing feeling to know that it is a problem solved!

Today, I have to admit, I day dreamed about 60 Minutes doing an interview with me and my journey. LOL, I pretended that a camera man and reporter followed me and were asking my questions about why I started doing this and commented on how I stopped to capture the little moments that were all too often, forgotten. Although I am laughing at the thought of openly telling you this, it would be quite amazing to tell them that story! Who knows…right?