Kelmare and The Eldenthorn Forest

Right in the middle of enjoying their shocking, new discovery, Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena are overwhelmed by the sound of some sort of rustling from a short distance away. Mario is quick to point out that the sound is coming from a large group of mangled roots behind Cristena. The friends stand together and bravely make their way towards the group of large roots and prepare for the unexpected. That is in fact what they received!

Standing on the other side of the roots, the four friends stood in shock again, only this time it was not with joy, but rather uncertainty! Before them was nothing more than the ground they stood on and the air they were breathing, there was no one on the other side!

Then the same sound of scampering was heard in the very spot that the children had recently started from. One at a time, they poked their heads around the group of mangled roots to see that there was, in fact, not a single soul in that area either! This made the children rather nervous. Sindy suggested returning to the door, a motion that was seconded by Mario. That was all that needed to be said, as Louis led the way back towards the doorway to Mrs. Ragsby’s attic.

Once there, Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena were floored and now rather fearful. The doorway and mound of soil surrounding it had disappeared! They each began to search for the doorway, perhaps they had walked in the wrong direction. Then a voice reassured them that the doorway was very much, still there! The children stood still and saw no one. Mario then called out for the voice to show itself.

Out from behind stepped a bluish-green troll, wearing a purple toga with long pointed ears, surrounded by a large head of long, stringy hair that covered its eyes. The four friends quickly banded together and in the face of fear, prepared to defend themselves and one another. Sindy informed the troll that it had gone far enough, to which the creature stopped and cocked its head sideways, allowing some of its hair to dangle freely.

“Who are you!?” Cristena asked in a demanding tone.

“My name is Kelmare and I live in The Eldenthorn Forest,” the troll replied.