The Shocking World Of SPYDERIA!



The open door did not reveal another room but that to something much larger! The four children stand in awe at the sight of a large tree that had been growing right up against the door itself. Large green leaves on branches had grown outward, until reaching the door and turning straight down for a wild effect. Sindy, at first, can not believe her own eyes as Cristena is completely intrigued by the discovery. She does not understand how a tree can be growing inside a chimney.

To that, Cristena replies, “I don’t that is Mrs. Ragsby’s!”

The boys however, are curious and approach the branches and begin rubbing the green leaves. As they brush them, flakes of green, sparkling dust fall to the ground. No one can believe what they are seeing as the flakes begin to spout and grow grass up to their ankles. Sindy feels the grass and begins to smile. Everyone begins to feel the leaves and become caught up in the moment. Mario then sees that there is a large forest on the other side of the leaves. With grins from ear to ear, Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena enter the doorway.

Once on the other side, they find themselves standing in the middle of a gigantic forest, with tree tops stretching so high, into the sky, that the end could not be seen. Through the leaves on the trees, danced light, from leaf to leaf. Louis has to rub his eyes because the light is actually alive and dancing with themselves from leaf to leaf. They dance until they come close to the children and the ground before turning into vapors and disappearing.

“They’re alive!” Mario said with excitement.

As they watched the light dance its way to the ground, everyone began to look at the multitude of enormous roots that arched out of theĀ ground and back in. The humongous roots covered the forest floor, and, at many places, were even large enough for them to walk completely under!

“This is awesome!” shouts Louis.

“More than video games?” Cristena asked him.

“Yes,” he replied.

Mario and Sindy can not believe what they are seeing as they feel the roots before them.

“Is this real?” Mario asked her.

“I think this is!” Sindy replied with an excited smile.


*I so regret falling asleep last night! I have a job to do an I slumped on my end, which always seems to get under my skin just a tad! It is so very cold outside and it is always nice and warm her at my desk. I am so looking forward to the next couple of weeks when I will have the money to send Barney & Lexi off to editors! Writing to me is exciting! I mean before tonight, Spyderia didn’t exist, and now, it as a life of its own. Even the parts not yet written have a home and are play themselves out as I talk to you! That is what makes being an author so wonderful!! Again, thank you so very much for reading, I do hope you will continue! Remember, Live With Passion!